For many of us, the internet is an integral part of our daily lives. Whether we’re working or playing, the internet is always there. Because the line between work and play is often blurry. Here are 5 ways to avoid online distraction and stay focused on work:

  1. Turn off Cell Phone Alerts

The noises that your pocket computers aka cellphones make throughout a given day are like a little form of  distraction. Unless an alert is of immense importance,  meaning that if you don’t respond to the particular need in five minutes or less, you’re going to spontaneously combust, just turn them off.  It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but trust me, you’ll get used to it and your focus will improve greatly.

2. Say no to Social

A major tip to help you stay focused at work is to say “NO” to social. This seems like a straightforward one, but it’s important to bring up, as social media is highly addictive. Stay away from social networks at certain periods. Yes, say no to that video of the Josh2Funny or Lasisi Elenu playing on the Instagram at work hours; spending all your time on  Facebook, only to realize that all of your “friends” are lying to the world about how awesome their lives are — and now it’s been two hours and you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. It’s important to learn how to say no to social media platforms during work hours so you can focus. See a post with more information on how to achieve this HERE.

3. Put Your Computer in Airplane Mode

You can also put your primary work computer in “airplane mode” by turning off your WiFi connection. This is especially helpful if you don’t need the internet to work. Even if you do need to use the internet for work, you’re bound to have some tasks that don’t require staying connected. Try going without WiFi (or unplug the ethernet cable, if you’re wired) just long enough to get things done.

4. Set a Timer

Set a timer on your phone or computer, and set your mind to staying focused and not browsing the internet for that time period. 20 minutes is always a good place to start. Apply this technique and see how many times you can stay distraction free in your day!

5. Block Distracting Websites

Another thing you can do to stay focused is disable the sites that you know distract you, especially if there are certain sites you need to access in order to work. There are so many programs you can use for this, and most of them will allow you to set a timer for how long you want to go offline. Try SelfControl if you use a Mac, Leechblock if you’re looking for a Firefox extension, or StayFocusd if you use Chrome.






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