Even the best love stories have their low moments. As a matter of saying, what makes a love story more beautiful are “moments.” The tiny moments in between, where you snuggle, tease, stare into each other’s eyes and just laugh. Okay, we’re just imagining things. In our rapid fire chat with Iyke and Theresa though, we step down a notch from all the seriousness. We did this so you can get to know the easy, carefree, fun part of the Ultimate Love power duo, Iykeresa.

Rapid fire chat with Iyke and Theresa.

When you’re upset, how do you manage your emotions?

Iyke:  I do chores and workout 

Theresa: I listen to music 

Glazia: A major advantage you enjoy being a celebrity is 

Iyke: LIFO last come, first serve 

Theresa: Checkmates me

Glazia: Best advice you have received in the last one year 

Iyke: Stay focused, deliberately work on yourself and goals everyday as success is a sum of consistent efforts.

Theresa: Be the best version of yourself always 

Glazia: Things you used to enjoy doing before fame but can no longer do 

Iyke: Late night Clubbing 

Iyke and Theresa for Glazia

Theresa: Eating mamaput food freely  

Glazia: Best way you stay in shape and maintain your physical wellness is 

Iyke: Exercising

Theresa: Exercise 

Glazia: Where would you like to be in the next 5 years 

Iyke: Vacationing in exotic countries 

Theresa: Officially married and more financially settled  

Glazia Your biggest pet peeve is 

Iyke: Wrong idea of English 

Theresa: Dragging your nose 

Glazia: Favourite way you spoil yourself is 

Iyke: Sleeping half the day 

Theresa:  I keep buying food

Glazia: One thing you can eat everyday 

Iyke: Grilled food 

Theresa: Bread

Glazia: Your favourite fashion item is 

Iyke: Shoes 

Theresa: Shoes  

Glazia: One thing people do not know about you? 

Iyke: I don’t sleep at night

Theresa: I’m a cry baby 

Now that you’ve known the little exciting details about Iykeresa, it is time to know them for real and in-depth. Read the full interview of our Wellness Issue cover stars here.

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