In our Money Issue, we continue our mission to shed light on the intricate web of financial empowerment, providing a platform for voices that resonate with both aspiration and inspiration. The captivating narratives that fuel our pages not only seek to inform but also ignite a spark of change. Following our engaging conversation with the remarkable Alex Unusual, we now turn the spotlight on another dynamic entrepreneur, Dima Hamze Ghraizi.

Dima Hamze Ghraizi

Dima Hamze Ghraizi, a name synonymous with the world of jewelry design and event management, stands as a testament to the extraordinary potential of women in these fields. Notably, her annual “World of Glamour Exhibition” (WGE), hosted under the Fair & Fest banner, has become more than just an event; it’s an empowerment movement gaining rapid recognition, especially among women.

For her cover chat, Dima shares her insights on key financial challenges faced by women in today’s world and offers invaluable wisdom on achieving financial independence. Her journey, accomplishments, and vision embody the resilience and determination that inspire us all in the quest for financial empowerment. In a world where financial freedom knows no gender, Dima Hamze Ghraizi’s story serves as a guiding light toward a future where economic empowerment is accessible to all.

Glazia: What do you see as the key financial challenges faced by women today?

Dima: Women encounter significant financial challenges today, including wage disparities, limited access to financial education, resources, and work-life balance management. In the financial realm, women grapple with multifaceted challenges. They contend with emotional barriers such as fear, reluctance to step out of their comfort zones, and the fear of rejection.

Economically, they navigate a fiercely competitive and volatile market, requiring them to strive to distinguish themselves.

Moreover, in a gender-biased society, women encounter hurdles in establishing credibility, with men often having easier access to loans, necessitating additional effort for women to gain financial recognition. These issues must be addressed to advance financial empowerment and gender equality.

Glazia: The FinTribe Finance Fair is all about practical financial tips and action. Could you share one actionable financial tip that has significantly contributed to your own success and can benefit our readers?

Dima: I firmly believe that success in personal finance is achievable through a multifaceted approach. Key elements include discovering your passion, setting clear goals, and developing a strategic plan to achieve them. 

Equally vital are fundamental financial practices such as budgeting, saving for emergencies and long-term objectives, investing wisely in assets like stocks, gold, and real estate, and continuously educating yourself about personal finance. 

Don’t underestimate the value of seeking professional advice from a financial advisor.

Beyond traditional financial strategies, the power of networking can’t be underestimated. 

Your network is, indeed, your Net Worth. Surrounding yourself with inspirational individuals and building a supportive, like-minded circle can play a pivotal role in your journey towards financial prosperity.

Glazia: Achieving financial independence is a goal for many women. What’s your advice for women who aspire to take control of their finances and build wealth, especially in today’s fast-paced world?


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