The Female Founders Lounge, Lagos 2.0, held on May 30, 2024, at Cilantro in Victoria Island, Lagos, was an inspiring gathering to connect female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with essential resources, funding experts, and networks. The event’s theme, “Navigating the Evolving Ecosystem to Thrive,” resonated throughout the day, providing attendees with valuable insights and practical advice for thriving in a dynamic business environment.

Female Founders Lounge, Lagos 2.0

Inspiring Keynote and Insightful Fireside Chat

Mope Abudu set the tone for the event with an inspiring keynote address, highlighting strategies for thriving in a constantly changing business ecosystem. Her speech emphasised the importance of adaptability and innovation, encouraging female entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve.

In a fireside chat, Olatowun Candide-Johnson shared her journey and the challenges she faced in her career. Her story of perseverance and success provided a relatable and motivating example of how to navigate and thrive through adversity.

Panel Discussion: Fundraising in the Tech Industry

The panel discussion on “Fundraising in the Tech Industry” featured insights from prominent industry leaders. Moderated by Rosemond Philothihiwa, the session covered key strategies for successful fundraising.

Key Points from Panelists

Chizor Malize emphasised the importance of having a clear vision, understanding your audience, and setting well-defined goals as crucial elements for guiding founders toward success.

Lexi Novitske provided insights into running a tech company, highlighting the significance of understanding market dynamics and leveraging technology to maintain a competitive edge.

Fireside Chat: Founders’ Journeys

A second fireside chat, moderated by Bukky Babajide, delved into the journeys of female founders and their innovative approaches.

Female Founders Lounge
Bukky Babajide

Key Points from Participants

Bisi Akintayo shared her vision as CEO of GText Suites, focusing on impacting global e-commerce and empowering women to own property.

Oz-Omozino discussed the importance of dedication, expertise, and commitment to driving positive change.

Dr. Naomi Osemedua inspired attendees to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled success, emphasising the empowerment of women and fostering social change.

Event Highlights and Future Plans

Purpose and Impact

The Female Founders Lounge, Lagos 2.0 event successfully connected female entrepreneurs with resources and networks, aiming to inspire, empower, and innovate. Convener Bukky Babajide highlighted the importance of closing gender gaps by investing in female-owned products and services and emphasised the initiative’s success in enabling young women to learn from established business owners.

Sponsors and Partners

Special thanks were extended to VFD Microfinance Bank and various partners for their support and collaboration, which made the event possible.

Looking Ahead: Female Founders Lounge 3.0

Planning for the Female Founders Lounge 3.0, set for September 2024, is underway. This upcoming event offers more opportunities for female founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business leaders to gain insights, expand networks, and explore collaboration opportunities. Sponsors and partners are invited to support this impactful event to continue providing valuable resources and opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

For sponsorship and partnership inquiries, please contact hello@femaletechpreneur.com 

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