In the dazzling world of glitz and glamour, where fame often arrives swiftly and fortuitously, few names shine as brightly as Alex Unusual’s. Born Alex Amuche Asogwa and popularly known as Alex Unusual, this reality TV star, filmmaker, creative consultant and one-time Glazia cover star, who recently graced the Fintribe’s Inaugural Finance Fair as a speaker, brings a fresh perspective to the intersection of fame and finance. In an exclusive interview with Glazia, Alex candidly delves into her journey to stardom at a tender age, her remarkable influence in the digital realm, and her astute handling of her finances.

From her insights into managing the weighty earnings of a celebrity’s life to the financial lessons she’s amassed along the way, Alex offers a wealth of wisdom. Join us as she imparts invaluable tips and shares personal anecdotes that will resonate with anyone seeking to navigate the tumultuous waters of fame and finances or even finance without fame. 

Get ready for an eye-opening conversation with a multifaceted star who has not only captured our screens but has also mastered the art of managing her money.

Glazia: At age 21, you were thrown into fame when you contested in the BBNaija reality TV show in 2018. What money mistakes did you make, and how would you have avoided them now that you know better?

Alex Unusual: I put my money in the hands of another and trusted blindly. I had a dubious manager and lost all I had spent one year of my life working for. Now, I understand that no matter what the business is, I should have proper accounting and documentation of every kobo. 

Glazia: As an influencer, how do you manage your finances and investments in today’s fast-paced world?

Alex Unusual: I block out the peer pressure noise and just do what’s best for me. In this industry, there is a need to show up and show out always and show off while at it. I show up decently and don’t show off. I spend my money on things that have financial returns. 

Glazia: As an influencer, how do you manage your finances and investments in today’s fast-paced world?

Alex Unusual:……

There is a truck load more of what Alex Unusual shares with us in her cover interview. Read her complete interview in our latest issue. Click HERE to download it for free.

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