Medplus Pharmacy, Nigeria’s leading health and beauty retail company is adding colour to this year’s valentine’s season; by making it all about the underprivileged. The company is breaking the status quo of the established lover’s day by spreading love to the vulnerable communities around us instead. They have termed this ‘Redefining Love’, an advocacy campaign that intends to put smiles on faces.

Being a company that is dedicated to holistic living and love, the firm believes that love should transcend romantic relationships; even on Valentine’s day. Hence Medplus Pharmacy is donating a percentage of their income from the sale of Vitamin C on February 14th to NGO, Chess in Slums Africa.

Medplus Pharmacy x Chess in Slums Africa

Chess in Slums Africa is a social development initiative that helps children find life changing opportunities by; teaching and unlocking the potential in every child, using chess educational resources and mentorship. The game has improved the mindset of children in some of Lagos’ poorest neighbourhoods. Chess in Slums started a revolutionary project; to teach the game of chess to children in one of the most dangerous slums in Nigeria; (Oshodi underbridge) as a way to impact lives, and the foundation has been making great strides. It has given the children an escape from the Nigerian slums.

Medplus Pharmacy x Chess in Slums Africa

This Partnership is a way of encouraging a spirit of giving and care. In the words of Barbara De Angelis 

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” 

And as John Bunyan would say 

“you have not lived today, until you have done something for someone who cannot repay you”. 

Season of Love

Valentine’s Day 2022 promises to be dynamic and inspiring because; Medplus Pharmacy is moving to action by relaying the importance of being charitable. But the pharmaceutical company isn’t connecting with these vulnerable groups alone. Through partnerships  with social change leaders such as Tunde Onakoya and his Foundation – Chess in Slums Africa – both organisations will increase the impact and effectiveness of the campaign by collaborating to uplift more hearts than they would have alone.  This is especially critical in a pandemic era when we all need to respond to the unprecedented levels of need created.

Medplus Pharmacy
About Medplus Pharmacy

Medplus Pharmacy is a wholesale, retail and dispensing pharmaceutical organisation. Established for the distribution of retailing locally manufactured and imported drugs, beauty and wellness range; with the goal of providing a holistic healthcare approach to Nigerians. Medplus believes wellness isn’t just physical, but should cater to the mind, and spirit. It is an organisation deeply devoted to reaching out to the vulnerable in society. This is not the first time the pharmaceutical company is supporting an NGO. However, this year they will be extending their corporate social responsibility to Chess in Slums Africa.

Medplus Pharmacy x Chess in Slums Africa

Medplus Pharmacy in February and November 2022, will facilitate a Health Activation program in suburbs such Oshodi in Lagos State.  The outreach will include a free medical check up and free consultation with physicians. A percentage of the sales from Medplus’s Vitamin C from its top selling stores in Lagos will be donated to Chess in Slums Africa. While quarterly donations will continue, in an effort to establish a long-term relationship with the Foundation. And ultimately demonstrate a deep sense of care and compassion towards the children. 

Are you excited about making a difference this February? Visit any Medplus Pharmacy store near you and make a purchase. You will be helping a child in need and providing Valentine cheer to vulnerable groups; who will receive the monetary value of every purchase. You can also shop on their online platform HERE:

Here’s to the joy of giving, and a season that’s as beautiful as it is in meaning!

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