You might think that doing the same things with your partner over and over again will make your relationship boring. But actually, the opposite is true. Having regular rituals with your partner is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond and keep the romance alive. Rituals are shared activities that you do together on a consistent basis. They help you stay connected, create memories, increase intimacy, and make your relationship more satisfying. Before we go any further, let’s find out what really is intimacy?

What is intimacy?

Better Health Channel defines intimacy this way;

Intimacy in a relationship is a feeling of being close, and emotionally connected and supported. It means being able to share a whole range of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we have as human beings. It involves being open and talking through your thoughts and emotions, letting your guard down (being vulnerable), and showing someone else how you feel and what your hopes and dreams are.

Intimacy is built up over time, and it requires patience and effort from both partners to create and maintain. Discovering intimacy with someone you love can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a relationship.

Now that we know what intimacy is, what kind of rituals should you do with your partner? 

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Work out together.
Shot of a young couple out running together

Exercise is good for your body and mind, but it can also be good for your relationship. When you work out with your partner, you can motivate each other, have fun, and feel closer. You can try different types of exercise, such as hiking, biking, or lifting weights. Make it a weekly or monthly date and enjoy the benefits of fitness and friendship.

Cook together.

Food is more than just nourishment. It’s also a way to express love and share culture. Cooking with your partner can be a delicious way to spend quality time together and learn new skills. You can experiment with different recipes and cuisines, or stick to your favourite dishes. The important thing is to enjoy the process and the result.

Show affection.

Don’t be shy to show your partner how much you love them. Physical touch is a powerful way to communicate your feelings and make your partner feel secure. You can hug or kiss your partner whenever they leave or come back home, or cuddle with them before going to sleep. These simple gestures can make a big difference in your relationship.

Say thank you.

Gratitude is another key ingredient for a happy relationship. When you appreciate your partner and what they do for you, you make them feel valued and respected. You can show gratitude in different ways, such as leaving notes around the house, sending texts during the day, or saying thank you out loud. These small acts of kindness can boost your relationship satisfaction.

These are just some examples of rituals that you can do with your partner. You can also create your own rituals that suit your needs and preferences. For example, you can have a regular date night, start a new hobby together, or read a book together. The point is to find something that you both enjoy and do it regularly. This will help you keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

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