Mirus Events, the experiential events company known for its innovative and creative approach, has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a remarkable event. This milestone is not only a celebration of a decade of success in delivering extraordinary experiences for local and global clients but also marks the beginning of a new chapter titled “Mission Mirus.”

Mirus Events – Ten Years of Unmatched Excellence

Over the past ten years, Mirus Events has been a leader in the experiential events industry. They have consistently pushed boundaries and created memorable experiences for some of the world’s top brands. From product launches and corporate retreats to bespoke events, Mirus has earned high praise for its commitment to understanding clients’ objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). Their collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail have set them apart, resulting in a diverse and loyal clientele.

Celebrating a Decade

The 10th-anniversary event held in Lagos was a testament to their flair for creating extraordinary experiences. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Olive Emodi and Mojibade Sosanya, the celebration brought together clients, partners, vendors, and friends of the brand for an unforgettable night.

Guests were treated to various performances and interactive experiences. One of such performances included a stunning visual art performance and the melodious tunes of the renowned acapella group Vocamonix. The evening peaked with a powerful performance by the band Alternate Sound, whose energy and talent captivated everyone present. Experiential photo areas provided immersive backdrops for guests to capture memories of the night. There was also a thrilling raffle draw saw several lucky attendees walk away with exciting prizes.

Celebrating Kunmi Ariyo
Kunmi Ariyo
Kunmi Ariyo, CEO, Mirus Events and his wife, Onos Ariyo and their kids.

Adding to the festivity was the celebration of Kunmi Ariyo’s birthday, the visionary founder of Mirus Events. It was a double celebration that underscored personal and professional milestones, highlighting the journey of Mirus Events over the past decade. Kunmi’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping the company’s success and reputation for excellence.

Looking Ahead

As Mirus Events embarks on the next chapter, “Mission Mirus,” they are set to explore new territories and possibilities in experiential events. This new initiative represents the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation and excellence, promising to push the boundaries of creativity and impact in the industry.

With a decade of success behind them, Mirus Events is poised to lead the way in experiential events for the next ten years and beyond. 

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