“We need a clearer, more focused, more accountable understanding of what Creative Effectiveness means,” remarked Harjot Singh, Global Chief Strategy Officer at McCann Worldgroup, during the LIONS In The Making podcast. As the President of the 2024 Creative Effectiveness Lions Jury, Singh brings a wealth of insight into what constitutes impactful creative work in today’s advertising landscape. 

About Harjot Singh

An award-winning global strategist, in the past 20 years he has travelled to over 70 countries, lived and worked in 6 countries, and worked with some of the most well-known agencies in the world. Harjot has judged, chaired, advised, spoken at, and won awards at the most notable industry award shows globally. An ad industry veteran with over 25 years of global experience, he believes that the power of creativity in helping companies move forward and move the world forward cannot be underestimated.

“We need a clearer, more focused, more accountable understanding of what Creative Effectiveness means.”

Harjot Singh

In a recent discussion on The Lions podcast, Singh highlighted six exemplary campaigns that captivated audiences and delivered significant measurable results. This article explores Singh’s perspective on the evolution of creative effectiveness, exploring the key takeaways from his judging criteria and the campaigns that set new benchmarks in the industry. 

The New Paradigm of Creative Effectiveness

With innovations and digital technologies currently reshaping the advertising world, defining and measuring creative effectiveness has become paramount. Harjot Singh’s call for a more accountable approach emphasises the need for clarity and focus in understanding how creative work impacts audiences and drives results. The campaigns he highlighted offer a glimpse into the future of advertising, where creativity and measurable impact go hand in hand.

Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh

Case Studies in Creative Excellence

Heinz Draw Ketchup | Kraft Heinz | Rethink, Toronto | 2023

Insight: This campaign brilliantly leveraged Heinz Ketchup’s iconic status to overcome brand perception challenges. Through global activation, Heinz reinforced its cultural dominance, making people fall in love with the brand again. The campaign’s success lies in integrating seamlessly into everyday life and enhancing brand affinity.

Home of Thoughtful Giving | John Lewis & Partners | adam&eveDDB | 2023

Insight: This campaign showcases the enduring power of emotional storytelling in advertising. By creating a lasting emotional connection with audiences, John Lewis & Partners set new standards for the industry. The campaign’s resilience and impact highlight the importance of creativity in driving measurable results and fostering brand loyalty.

The Whopper Detour | Burger King | FCB New York | 2021

Insight: Burger King’s bold strategy of incentivising customers to order from its app near McDonald’s locations revolutionised fast food marketing. This campaign demonstrated how innovative tactics could lead to commercially compelling outcomes, creating a new playbook for the industry.

Nike Crazy Dreams | Nike | Wieden+Kennedy Portland | 2021

Insight: Built on universal themes of ambition, perseverance, and self-belief, this campaign showcased the power of honest and compelling storytelling. Nike’s ability to inspire and drive reflection on the power of sport resulted in unforgettable work that left a measurable impact on audiences worldwide.

The Tampon Book: A Book Against Tax Discrimination | The Female Company | Scholz & Friends, Berlin | 2022

Insight: Addressing gender inequality in taxation, this bold campaign advocated for legislative change. Framing the campaign as a book against tax discrimination was a creative decision that drove empathy and support, resulting in positive outcomes across business and brand metrics.

Project Revoice | The ALS Association | BWM Dentsu, Sydney | 2018

Insight: This campaign highlighted the transformative potential of technology and AI for social good. Project Revoice demonstrated how innovative technology could drive significant social impact by impacting those most affected by ALS and expanding its influence on culture and the wider world.

The growth of creative effectiveness in advertising is now marked by a shift towards a more accountable and measurable understanding of impact. The insights shared by Harjot Singh emphasise the importance of clarity and focus in evaluating creative work. The campaigns highlighted serve as benchmarks for the industry, illustrating how innovative and emotionally resonant storytelling can drive measurable results. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, the integration of creativity and accountability will be key to achieving lasting impact and success.

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