The new year is one of the appropriate times to reflect and be intentional about growth. Growth in terms of business, career, morals, and even love. Finding love has been made quite easier with technology. With only a few searches, you’d end up in online dating sites and with a few texts and connecting on social media, you could find the love of your life. A good first date could determine if you will get hitched permanently or get thrown back to being a single pringle.

In recent times, texting seems to have taken over dates. But, the allure of dates cannot be overstated. Especially first dates. First dates are full of uncertainties. It’s where you get to know each other and decide whether to continue or put an end to it. Therefore, your venue choice is of utmost importance. 

For a first date, you may want to avoid certain places like a cinema, a concert. This is simply because these places require you to enjoy the moment rather than have conversations and for a first date, what’s most important is getting to know each other. 

What then are some great first date Ideas? Here are a few:

A walk-date
Five First Date Ideas For 2022

Contrary to popular assumptions, first dates do not always require money for its sponsorship. A walk in a park, a stroll, a walk around a favourite place, could strengthen your bond and enable conversations.

Local restaurants
Five First Date Ideas For 2022

A common assumption about first dates is that it has to be in a fancy restaurant, possibly where neither has been. However, have you tried going to local restaurants to eat local food? For instance, an amala spot. There’s a bonding effect local restaurants have on dates and they are great places to connect.

A car-date
Five First Date Ideas For 2022

This is an unusual place but it could turn out great. The allure to it is the exclusivity it provides. If either of you has a car, you may want to try it. Order some take-out, play songs and have sparking conversations in the car. 

Five First Date Ideas For 2022

Hiking is similar to walking, except that it involves ascension and descending. Going hiking on a first date is best when it’s done on a mountain. If there are hills or mountains around you, hike them and set a picnic at the top.

Art Gallery
Five First Date Ideas For 2022

If you’re both art lovers, there are many art galleries you could visit in Nigeria or abroad. Both of you could sightsee art and have conversations about them. 

In 2022, as you prepare to make money, get promoted, start a business and all, remember to take care of your emotional health. And if you’re yet to find true love, don’t be discouraged, there’s yet hope for you. Be intentional about finding love, and it just might happen for you. 

Article written by Sola Tales.

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