The Christmas season presents a good time to go on dates, especially the ones you’ve been putting off because you’ve been busy. You’re on a first date with someone you met online. You’re sitting across from them, staring at a menu that’s just as boring as the conversation you’re having. Sound familiar? It can be tough to get the conversation flowing on a first date, but we have some bright ideas on first date questions that might help. 

Here are some important tips to get those first date questions started. 

Start with your date’s appearance. 

For instance, if your date is wearing something peculiar like a gold necklace or has a tattoo somewhere visible, ask questions like, “that’s a lovely necklace, was it a gift?”, “what does your tattoo signify?”

first date questions

Notably, people like to talk about gifts and what it means to them as Bukky, (female) explains. “I was on a date with a guy and it couldn’t be more boring until I asked about the bracelet on his wrist. His face suddenly lit up and he raved on about it. Turns out it has a Chinese background and the story eventually led to other interesting conversations.”

Listen and make mental notes 

What this means is, making mental notes is just as important as listening. If your date is talking about something and you realize the story would end soon, make a mental note to keep it open-ended. 

first date questions

James (male) narrates, “ this babe was talking about something that happened in their family and I noticed she only mentioned her mum so after she finished, I asked about her dad and her response sort of plunged us into a relatable conversation.”

Wield Controversy

An interesting thing about Nigerian social media is, there is always something going on. Either Bobrisky is having a snap fight with Abike or a government official is making a fool of themselves somewhere. 

first date questions

Someone on Twitter once said, “the best way to start a conversation in a bus is to say aloud ‘this Nigeria ehn’! Truthfully, we don’t disagree.

Although funny, it’s true. Nigerians unlock different drama daily. So, if your date is boring, start a conversation about a recent online drama.

Take the conventional route. 
first date questions

Ask conventional questions. What’s their favourite show? What books are they reading currently? Polygamy or monogamy? Hobbies and interests? Big or small wedding? What’s their family like? Age? Occupation? And so on.

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