If you have caught the Japa Bug, you must know this; migrating can be a daunting task, even more so when you’re moving abroad. Whether you’re moving to further your studies, visiting, or permanently relocating, it’s not an easy task. In addition to finding a new place to live, there are countless other things to think about;  like transferring your utilities, updating your address, and packing up all your belongings. 

Here’s a list of items you should add to your checklist when the Japa Bug is in full effect.

Precautionary list
  • Do not hold bags for strangers or keep bags with them at the airport. Something could be easily planted in them. 
  • Pack more food than clothes. 
  • Have a concrete accommodation plan. 
Japa bug
How to pack for the move

Before leaving Nigeria, there are a few things you should check off your list. First, be sure to have all the necessary travel documents in order. This includes a valid passport, visa, and any other required permits. 

Second, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that will cover you in case of any emergencies. 

Thirdly, it’s a good idea to have some local currency on hand for incidentals. 

Finally, be sure to pack all your essential belongings and medications. With these items checked off your list, you’ll be ready for a smooth and almost stress-free relocation.

Japa bug
Some other things to keep in mind when moving are;
  • Start by decluttering your home. This will help you determine what you need to pack and what you can leave behind.
  • Get rid of any items that are damaged or no longer serve a purpose.
  • Create a packing list of everything you need to pack. Be sure to include essential items like clothes, toiletries, and food.
  • Pack one room at a time. This will help keep you organized and prevent overwhelm.
  • Use strong bags and packing materials to protect your belongings during the move.
  • Make sure you change your address with all your bills/accounts.
  • Pack an essentials bag with things you will need right away when you get to your new place.
  • Donate or sell any furniture or items that you won’t be taking with you

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