The reality of Gen Z is totally different from that of the previous generations such as Millennials and Gen X. There are several changes made every time. While you’re still catching up with one, others are being made. All of these reality and changes are also displayed in their relationship styles.

From gender to sexual orientation, Gen Zs have different explanations and terms for them. To not know these things is to not be informed and hence, offend someone unknowingly. For example, if you call a non-binary by a certain gender pronoun, you may risk being dragged on social media or being reported. It is therefore wise to keep up with these changes and twists.

One of these changes is how relationships are viewed. Before it was either you’re dating someone or you’re not. But now, there are various ways and terms alluded to being with someone. You can assume you’re dating someone while the person has a different term for what you’re in. So, defining what kind of relationship you’re in matters.

Here are some of the relationship styles available today.

Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits, as the name implies, refers to having added benefits in a friendship. Most often, the benefit is sex. Simply put, when you begin to have sex with your ‘friend,’ you’re in a “friends with benefits” relationship.

relationship styles

It is advisable to have conversations with your ‘friend’ about the rules that apply. Some like to show off their friends with benefits relationship in public while others prefer to set aside the benefits in public and be only friends. While you have these conversations, ensure you’re not being used or manipulated. That is, let the conclusion be something you’re comfortable with.


These days, when you’re being asked out, it doesn’t always mean it is for a committed relationship. While you may prefer exclusivity, your partner may want to be able to flirt and have sex with other people without feeling guilty. Hence, relationships are of different types.

relationship styles
  • Casual relationship — In casual relationships, there is little to no commitment. There may be sex involved and a little form of intimacy but no one is mandated to do acts that should be done in a formal relationship such as gift-giving or going on dates.
  • Open relationship — In an open relationship, partners agree to see other people but still be committed to each other. That is, you can have other kinds of relationships with others but still, be committed to your relationship!
  • Exclusive relationship — The exclusive relationship is a formal kind of relationship whereby commitment is involved. Partners in the relationship are committed to each other and even infuse love. They are not permitted to see other people and in most cases, cheating is seen as a deal-breaker. This form of relationship often leads to marriage, but not always.
Fuck buddy
relationship styles

A fuck buddy is someone whose only business with you is to have sex. There is no form of attachment or commitment involved. In fact, in most cases, little to no conversation is required between the partners. A fuck buddy can also be called a sex partner or a sneaky link.

A talking stage partner

A talking stage is a period whereby partners are getting to know each other. In the talking stage, nothing is defined yet but it’s almost always assumed that the partners would end up dating. However, the talking stage can be mistaken for a relationship. Some find themselves in a two-year talking stage while assuming they are in a relationship. It is therefore essential to define what you and your partner are doing in the talking stage.

relationship styles

Proper acknowledgement of these different relationship styles could be the difference between having a healthy relationship and a toxic relationship.

This article was written by Sola Tales. 

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