With High, Bez’s cool voice comes at you like a power rush and crawls into your subconscious from the first note.  And then with the chorus blasting through like a declaration/chant “We are marching up, heading to the top we can never go down, we will never go down”, Bez’s new song, is as fun and inspirational as music gets. Glazia was fortunate to listen to this song before it’s release during a special shoot (wait for it) with the singer and it was love at first listen and now, there is a video to go with it, see below.

A fresh and positive sound from Bez, High speaks about the singer’s past and how he has evolved. Looking towards a greater future, Bez challenges himself and everyone listening to never go down.  Produced by Nsikak David for Kakmusic.com with video by Huberfilmworks, High is a groovy sound with a nice House Music feel that gets you moving even while uplifting your soul. We predict that this Christmas and even in the New Year when resolutions will flood our minds, groovy and inspiring High will be right there by our sides, cheering us on to never go down.

                                                       Get High on iTunes


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