The irony of having introverts and hangouts in the same sentence is not lost on me. I’d even say it is funny.As a matter of fact, everyone has got to have fun now and again. In addition, introversion is cool. However, intro version is often a misunderstood state of being.

Introverts can be described as people who expend mental energy by being around other people and replenish that same energy by doing things alone.


Loving your own thought space and not wanting to be interrupted by other people can be a fun thing. Come to think of it, there are days when even the introvert wants to catch some fun outside their comfort zone. Notably, there are some very cool hangout spots in the city of Lagos for this special set of people who view the world a little differently.

Some of the things greatly loved by introverts are books, music and art. Others add the love of food to that mix, and the places listed in this article have these properties in common, making it the perfect list for any introvert out there.

Check out this list of some of the coolest spots:

The Jazzhole, Lagos.

A section of The Jazzhole

Jazzhole is an urban music store, book store and cafe all in one spot. With an ambience of literature and eye-catching interior that’s calm to the soul.

Introverts who love good music, books, and African artwork, will definitely feel at home here with tea, cake, coffee, endless Jazz and Soul music. The Jazzhole offers an ambience of tranquil that just calls deep to your soul.

A musical band performing at The Jazzhole

The combination of music, literature and art is a perfect recipe for any introvert. The Jazzhole is obviously one place that constantly edifies its visitors with such a phenomenal ensemble.

The Jazzhole is credited as one of the best music shops and cultural centres within the country.

The café

In-house Café at The Jazzhole                           

Interestingly, the Jazzhole has nice little café section towards the back of the store. Here you can help yourself to a nice cup of coffee, fresh tea, juices, smoothies, cakes, pastries and delicious sandwiches. This area is complete with a lovely sitting area, a drum-set and microphones. Introverts are very much allowed to refresh with a cup of tea of coffee.

The Jazzhole is located at No. 168 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Terra Kulture

A view from the top

Terra Kulture is an educational and recreational organization set up in 2003. The idea behind Terra Kulture, is to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture.

It is worthy to note that Terra Kulture is an internationally acclaimed art house. Terra Kulture is often described as the home of contemporary visual and theatre arts in Nigeria. Sounds a lot like a spot where the classic introvert wants to visit.

It should be noted that Terra Kulture is one of only 2 art auction houses in Nigeria. Not only that, it possesses a collection of over a thousand art pieces from across the country. The Terra Kulture building houses a restaurant, a craft shop, a library, a language school and theatre and its central feature; the art gallery.

Terra Kulture is a leading art, culture,lifestyle, and educational centre. It is the premier recreational destination, and it is perfect for lovers of me-time and some peace and quiet.

Terra Kulture is located at No. 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Bogobiri House
Welcome to Bogobiri House

Bogobiri House is an African-themed Boutique hotel and restaurant. It is made up of two buildings, each housing a restaurant and a set of guest rooms.

The furnishing and interiors of the restaurant consists mainly of artistic and rustic ornament and furniture that gives a very African feel to it.

Natural scenery within Bogobiri House

The decor includes chairs, cushioned benches, sofas, tables and stools with heavy sculptures of African reliefs and patterns and made from a mix of raw timber, straw, jute, rocks and leather materials sourced from within the country.

Bogobiri House is located at No. 9 Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.


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