William Leonard Roberts II. Who’s that you are wondering? Rapper, record label owner, and businessman Rick Ross. Hate him or love him, you can’t deny that he’s made an enormous success of his career and even helped others become successful.

Roberts worked as a correctional officer for 18 months from December 1995, until his resignation in June 1997. His debut album Port of Miami was released in August 2006 and debuted at the top spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 album chart, with sales at 187,000 units during the first week. As his career as a rapper began, this fact was kept well hidden.

After being signed to Suave House Records, former label for rap duo 8Ball & MJG, he eventually signed a deal with Slip-n-Slide Records, which has been under the Def Jam label since 2006. This was the year Ross released his first album, Port of Miami. All of his studio albums since 2009 have been released under the Maybach Music Group’s name.

As of 2020, Rick Ross’ net worth is estimated to be $40 million, making him number 16 on Forbes list . As of 2017, Ross owned several different Wingstop restaurant locations Wingstop is fast food chain, specialising in chicken wings.

If you are looking to become a boss of your own, you definitely want to take business tips from this mogul. We have 3 key lessons listed below.

They include;

Aim high

“I’m building a dream with elevators in it.”

Push it. Push it was the second single released off Rick Ross debut album Port of Miami. In some ways it encapsulates his goals and the eventual success he has become. Aim high. Hit your goals and aim even higher.

Mind on the Money

“Woke up in the hospital, where my cheques at?” Verse on Meek Mill’s Im a Boss (Remix).

I find this a bit extreme, but you should take your money matters with every bit of seriousness. Most people tend to think about money either when payday is drawing close or when they have a financial issue that needs sorting out. That’s like preparing for a marathon.

Collaboration Makes the Dream Work

“Half my team is illiterate, that’s pathetic but we can each get a brick, that’s a line of credit” – Bogus Charms

While his team may be street smart, Rozay is clearly pained that they lack financial literacy. Are you the only one in your team, with financial awareness?

Share the word. Not everyone would take it, but don’t be the only one making money moves.


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