Confucius, on beauty once said,

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it”.

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To lighten up your Monday, here are 15 facts to learn.
From the original meaning cosmetic to the most common makeup injury, here are some beauty facts you probably didn’t know about.

They include;

1. Cosmetic comes from the greek word “Kosmos” which means “Ornament”

2. William Shakespeare first used the word “blush” to mean reddening of the face.

3. The first makeup was created out of copper and lead ore by ancient Egyptians.

4. Make up was used once used to show societal status and scare adversaries.

5. To preserve makeup, it needs to be kept out of sunlight.


6. It is possible for pores to harbour oil and dirt for up to 20 years.

7. Being pale used to be in vogue such that, people bled themselves to achieve it.

8. The word perfume is from the Latin word “Perfumare” which means “to smoke through.”

9. Before nail polish was originated, Egyptians used henna to colour their nails.

10. The oldest perfumery in the world is Eau de BC. It dates about 4000 years old.


11. The largest organ in the body is the Skin. It makes up 15% of the body weight.

12. The skin sheds almost a million cells daily.

13. You lose about 50 – 100 hairs each day.

14. In Victorian era, Corset were worn by women to correct posture.

15. The most common makeup injury is caused by scratching the eye with a mascara.

16. The founder of Maybelline, Tom Lyle Williams, named his brand after his sister Mabel, who used to make her lashes look thicker and darker by using a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust.

17. Revlon was the first brand worldwide to introduce red nail polish to the market.


18. It wasn’t until the 1920s, when Coco Chanel accidentally got sunburnt on a yacht trip, that tans became popular.

19. The famous Chanel No 5 perfume got its name because Coco Chanel approved and preferred the fifth sample that perfumer Ernest Beaux developed for her.

20. Some makeup products in the 1930s contained radioactive material.
Remember to be careful and gentle when next you apply your favourite mascara.


Coco Chanel

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