Beauty hacks are all about stepping out of the box and not doing things the usual way!

This love season, we don’t want to do things the regular way. We want to break rules and get set because we are  going to be breaking beauty rules.

Prepare to be mind blown after trying any of these five beauty hacks;

1. No Shampoos

Beauty hacks

It’s washday and you don’t want that sulphate shampoo anymore. You want something natural, a different hair cleansing experience.
Try this; Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda.
Dilute the ACV and mix the two in a spray bottle. Spray mixture on hair strands and scalp, massaging it in. Leave for 2 – 5 minutes and rinse.
These two are strong natural cleansing agents that will leave your scalp and your strands squeaky clean and shiny.

2. Let’s Shave

Beauty hacks

So, aftershave bumps can be an itchy condition. You do not want them and i am sure, you don’t like them. But then, shaving is paramount for some of you. What can be done?

That’s right. Use a your favourite conditioner to soften those hairs and let it act as a base for your skin. It makes shaving a sliding glee! Try this and forget that bumps or aftershave itch exist.
Oh, don’t forget to rinse properly too.

3. Lashes please!

Beauty hacks

Shout out to all the talented and gifted makeup artist out there.
Sometimes we just want our lashes to be at its most conspicuous. Like, we want a flock of birds to take off when we blink. This is possible without lash extensions.
The trick is the powder!
Apply mascara to lashes like you usually do and then grab your powder. Any powder of your choice works just fine; be it white, brown, pink, loose or compact. Take a little dab and gently apply it to the layer of mascara applied on your lashes. After that, apply another layer of mascara. You can do this again if want a great amount of thickness. Be careful so it doesn’t cake it.

4. Cupid’s Bow

Beauty hacks

Have you ever taken a look at Rihanna’s lips and wondered how she gets the perfect cupid’s bow?

We will inform of these beauty hacks.
Remember the alphabets? The Letter V to be precise? That’s how.
It’s easy. Just draw the letter V on your cupid’s bow and trace your lips. It doesn’t matter what shape of lips you have, once you try this trick, your cupid’s bow will be glaring like a billboard!

5. De-“odour”-ant

Beauty hacks

There are days we storm out of the house and forget a few things; like applying a deodorant. Relax, no one is judging you!

Instead, we present you, the “body-odour-saving” beauty hacks;
Use any sweet smelling essential oil to overpower the odour. It will also leave your skin moisturised and soft!
Another option is hand sanitizer. Due to its original purpose, it will help curb the bacteria which causes body odour thereby leaving you smelling/ scenting fresh!

You’re welcome in advance to the wonderousity of these hacks. Try them and be amazed with the stunning results. Till next time!


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