They are finally here! “They” in this case, refer to the Denim Desserts shoe collection by singer, Rihanna in collaboration with heavy weight designer, Manolo Blahnik. If you are like us, you must have wondered how the collaboration came about and what the inspiration behind the collection was. Well, Manolo Blahnik  in an interview with Glamour Mag revealed that Rihanna approached him and he said yes(but of course!)

The “dangerous” 9-5 Boots 

 “She wanted the denim and I wanted to add the embroidery onto it which was inspired by her hand tattoos. So I think putting both of our minds together into this project produced something quite special: denim shoes adorned with beautiful artisanal embroidery. I really hope people like this combination”  Manolo on the inspiration for the shoes. “Working with Rihanna has been amazing and her drive, passion, creativity and style have been reflected in the designs” he added. 

Rihanna wears the 9-5 boots from the Denim Desserts collection. “Mr Manolo’s shoes are the most luxurious and timeless shoe there is!” – Rihanna
The Sea Salts d’Orsay.


                                      DETAILS: Denim Desserts

The shoes launched today in London, New York and Hong Kong and customers are out shopping the collection to their hearts’  delight whilst nibbling on some #DenimDesserts treats at Manolo Blahnik stores. Say you had some major dough to shell out (between $800 -$4,000), which of the shoes would you buy? 

photos by Manolo Blahnik 
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