World Environment Day (WED), led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); has been celebrated annually on 5 June since its inception in1973. World Environment Day is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world. This year, it is themed “Only one Earth”. In commemoration of the day, Stand Out for Environment Restoration (SOFER) Initiative; a not-for-profit NGO, is organising a Ghost gear craft contest

In the universe are billions of galaxies, In our galaxy are billions of planets, But there is #OnlyOneEarth. Let’s take care of it.

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About the SOFER Initiative Ghost gear craft contest. 

The Fishing Net Gains – Ghost Gear Craft Contest is a special contest event organised by SOFER Initiative to;

  • Combat the problem relating to Abandon, Lost, otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG),.
  • Ghost Gear in coastal regions of Nigeria and West Africa, and 
  • To mark the World Environment Day Celebration on June 5, 2022. 

This contest tasks the participants to repurpose ghost gear(s) into finished handicrafts of bags, shoes, floor mats, décor, etc

SOFER Initiative
Contest Guidelines

Contest Timeline: 

Registration Expires: 20th – 31th of May, 2022

Craft(s) Submission Expires: 2nd of June, 2022

Verification of Works: 4th of June, 2022

Celebration & Announcement of Awards: 5th June, 2022

Contest Requirements

  • 80% to 100% of your craft item(s) must be produced with the use of Fishing Gears
  • You can either sign up as an individual or a group crafter. 
  • Verification of registration details before the commencement of work
Selection Criteria

Finesse – your craftwork must have a good finishing, durability, and creativity. 

Relevance & Usefulness (including market value – saleability) of the produced item(s)

Documentary of production which includes cost, tools, measurements, and how the craft was produced

Benefits for Participants

Cash prizes for the best three (3) selected craftworks

Opportunities for the first ten (10) selected saleable craft works to be sold online

Gain access to both Local and International Sponsors

Exposure to selected craftworks on SOFER Initiative website

Click HERE to register for the contest. 

Visit SOFER Initiative for more details.

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SOFER Initiative
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