Have you ever thought about how many choices you make in a given day? From work to health to relationships to finances to business to friends – there is just sooooo much going on. We think a simple life is just there but living simple can be so much more. Your ability to simplify your life will determine how successful and holistically you can live.

Here are 7 ways you can simplify your life:

  1. Learn from one teacher at a time: There are so many books and courses out there that it can all be overwhelming if you don’t regulate yourself. The way it works is that if you want to learn something, buy the book or the course, go through the entire thing, then implement it all. Only, once you’ve finished learning it all and implementing it, can you then move on to the next course or book.
  2. No emails until after a certain time: Put a rule in your life where you don’t check your email (or social media) until a certain time of the day. For many people, the morning hours are the most productive, so saving email and social media until later in the day reduces the chance of other people’s agenda taking over your day.
  3. Reduce screen time (including TV): Put a constraint in your life that you don’t have any screens open during certain times of day. Example: no screens after 8pm, including TV, computer, and phone. You can feel pretty bad after so much social media, so limiting screen time is a great way to be present instead of escaping through someone else’s life.
  4. Intentionally choose your relationships: So many of us are spread way too thin. Instead of spending .256 seconds with 15,000 people, try to spend more time with fewer people. Your life is only as good as the quality relationships.Simple life, tips to live better
  5. Set rules for what you eat and when you eat: Put constraints in your life around food. This will make what you eat so much simpler.  Choose foods you no longer want to eat. Then, never eat that food – ever. It’s so much easier than it sounds. You already do this with some food that you probably don’t like.
  6. Practice saying “No” once a day: Saying no is one of the best ways to cut things from your life. The easier it is for you to say no, the more likely you’ll actually say no. The way to get good at it is to start small and to do it often. For a start, practice saying no once a day for little things. Do it intentionally and see how much easier it gets.
  7. Start subtracting everywhere: If you need to simplify, it probably means you need to subtract. Think about what area is causing you the most pain and start doing less in that area. Less time being busy. Less time worrying. Less overspending. Less overeating. Less over-committing. You’ll have more energy and feel better when you simplify this way.





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