Roses are often used as a symbol of affection, it goes beyond being a love plant. When next you’re offered a bouquet of roses, don’t just wait for it to whither and be trashed, include it into your beauty routine.

The ornamental plant is of the family, Rosaceae. It has an alluring scent with so many amazing health and skin beneficial properties. Roses can take your skin care to an impeccable upgrade.

Rose water is an extract of rose and one of the best ways to use the plant as a beauty product. To make it, boil the rose petals in water till it loses colour then allow it cool before using it. In place of boiling of water, you can infuse the petals into any oil of your choice. There is Rosehip oil and Rose essential oil which are also common extracts of rose plant. They are highly advantageous in maintaining your skin.


This is because Rose;

  1. Eliminates Skin Dullness

Rose extracts glows up your skin by hydrating the dry areas. Wrinkles, crinkles and dry lines are usually as a result of dry skin and can be reversed once in contact with the moisturising and nourishing goodness of rose extracts. Skin appearance can be improved by consistent use of rose extracts.

  1. Tones the Skin

The extracts of a rose plant can be used in correcting the skin to its natural tone. It can also play a major role of lifting off impurities and dirts trapped in the skin. It reduces excess oils on the skin surface thereby balancing the skin’s moisture level.


  1. Heals Skin Irritations

Inflammation of the skin, reddness, ezcema, rosacea, etc can be eradicated and soothed due to the anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial properties of rose.

So, the next time you get a box of roses don’t hesitate to improve your skin care game with it

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