Nigerians are setting the pace and this includes real estate and construction expert, John Oamen and his team who are set to launch LiveVend, arguably Nigeria’s first construction and real estate price discovery platform. The digital launch party started Tuesday the 10th of December and the buzz for it has been quite high.

LiveVend is driving the construction industry towards becoming more data-dependent and driven. As part of Cutstruct Technology Limited, LiveVend provides the intelligence and data required for better project planning and market entry. LiveVend.com launches with the promise of providing real-time and curated market trend reports to enable investors, commercial and DIY builders with the most accurate of construction information for them to take best-outcome decisions.

John Oamen and team are driving innovation through Live Vend

According to the co-founder John Oamen, “Innovation is upon us and we must keep working to ensure that we are rewriting the African story with every single code and app” he said. “We have assembled a stellar team to bring a fresh experience to finding current prices and what price changes are occurring which can be tracked for better project deliveries. We believe we are key to potential builders, and those in the diaspora seeking to invest locally; building with confidence and assurance because for the first time they have a set of tools and a reliable partner to plan with”. he further added

The LiveVend team has a mission invoking slogan: Unlocking the next million homes! With LiveVend, they are encouraging houses and estates to spring up in every part of the country, allowing even the most naive builder to take on that project with the certainty of outcome. LiveVend is more than an app, it is a platform that supports the entire value chain in the property sector.

Join the Co-Founder John Oamen and team as they launch www.livevend.com with a digital launch party starting from 12 noon on the 10th of December and all week long on social media  – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Visit the web application at www.livevend.com for free to get daily price updates on real estate products. There’s no better day to be alive as an African.

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