The 2018 Met Gala is unarguably the most fashionable and interesting one in recent times. Everyone (almost) looked good and most importantly followed the theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. This year’s event saw Amal Clooney, Donatella Versace and Rihanna as honorary co-chairs and boy did they come correct! It was incredibly difficult to cut down this list to our usual top 10 overall best dressed but we did anyway! This list may not have some of your favorite celebs or looks you thought were the very best but we wanted to stick to authenticity, carriage, overall look, unexpectedness and most importantly, theme compliance.

From Donatella Versace co-hosting the Met Gala to a good number of the best dressed looks coming from the Italian fashion house, is it safe to say Versace won the 2018 Met Gala?

RIHANNA – Honorary co-chair, wears a pope hat and literally owns the Met Gala, of course we will start with her! Rihanna was the queen, sorry pope of the ball in Maison Margiela
LILY COLLINS – The devil they say, is in the details and Lily Collins did not come to play with anyone. makeup, dress, headpiece and all, the star embraced her dark side creatively and we loved it!
ZENDAYA – One look at the style star channeling Saint Joan of Arc and we wanted to go conquer a city with her. Versace did the damn thing with this dress. Hair, makeup, carriage and accessories, Zendaya completely owned the look and Joan of Arc would have been so proud.


GIGI HADID – Look at that detail! Gigi Hadid’s one shoulder Atelier Versace is a handcrafted crystal embroidery inspired by stained glass, a la windows of Cathedrals. How creative? Hair and makeup, check!
KIM KARDASHIAN WEST – an iconic dress for an icon. We were curious as to what Kim would wear and were so glad to see her go minimalist in the brightest way possible! Wearing the iconic Gianni Versace chain mail mesh gown with crystal cross embellishment, KKW stood out like a heavenly body amongst the sea of costumes. Gotta say her glam was one of the best too!
PRIYANKA CHOPRA – Just like last year, Priyanka Chopra sizzled in Ralph Lauren but this time, the Quantico lead was theme complaint. She looked very Roman-esque with her stunning head piece and Vatican red dress.
KATY PERRY – Okay, some people have commented that the look was overwhelming. HELLO… this is the Met Costume Gala (emphasis on costume) and Katy went all the way! What says heavenly bodies more than pristine angel wings? We cannot NOT reward Katy Perry’s commitment to the arts and the theme, plus she looked amazing!
JANELLE MONAE – The real deal here is that Janelle was able to achieve two things at the same time – Stay theme complaint and whilst remaining true to her unique style. That is a feat on it’s own plus she really looked good! Janelle Monae wore Marc Jacobs
LENA WAITHE – Wow! She was representing the LGBTQ community with her colorful robe but we also thought this could have been inspired by Joseph’s famed coat of many colors. Lena made a bold statement in Carolina Herrera whilst looking incredibly good!
ROSIE HUNTINTON WHITELEY – Did you say heavenly bodies? The color of her dress, the halo, the makeup, the cape! We couldn’t get enough of RHW in Ralph Lauren



In this category, whether they were men or women, theme compliant or not; they were oh, so unforgettable! Drum roll…

Wow wow weee, your holy Black Panther, we’ve got a confession. CHADWICK BOSEMAN left nothing to chance in his priestly custom-made ensemble from Versace

If you say this theme was created with JARED LETO in mind, you may be right. On a normal day, Jared looks like Jesus (at least the one depicted to us) and now in all his Met Gala glory, you would want to have him lay hands on you. Jared and LANA DEL REY went 100% ham on the theme in their Gucci finery and we are not mad at all. They made a beautiful pair!

You have to give it up for PHARRELL WILLIAMS and wife, HELEN LASICHANH wearing Chanel. They get it, they always do. You can count on them to slay together and stay in theme!
Lord cardinal JORDAN ROTH represented maximally in Givenchy Haute Couture!
BLAKE LIVELY  may not have screamed theme compliant but you cannot deny that she looked heavenly in her custom-made Atelier Versace gown. Look at that crystal encrusted bustier and magical train!




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