You are a woman and then you are a feminine. We live in a century where women believe they have to “fight” men or challenge them to prove their worth and essence. As a feminine woman, you do not have to. This may sound outrageous but understanding the aura and power of feminity will reveal to you that it isn’t. 

Asides body features, how do you identify a woman? The way she dresses, the tone of her voice, how she carries herself and even how she behaves. These are some of the ways to recognize a feminine woman. It goes beyond that but let’s start with the basics. 


The traits associated with feminity, according to Wikipedia, are gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity – and this is true. These things differ a feminine woman from a masculine man or woman (yes this is is common). Being feminine requires you “to be” unlike masculinity which requires you “to do”. A feminine woman does not need to go loggerhead with a man to prove she is a better sex or can do what he can’t; her charisma, demeanor and aura speaks for her. Infact, she allows a man prove that he is a man and doesn’t bother competing with him on that as she stays being a woman. Each gender has it’s unique role and qualities; a feminine woman and a masculine man understand this. 


Here’s a mental image: Have you ever come across a woman who is softly-spoken, smiles sweetly, confident, expresses herself in a subtle yet irresistible manner, well-dressed, sympathetic, has high standards and priorities herself? Such a women exists and most times she’s usually referred to as “a lady” or “ajebo” in pidgin English. 

A feminine woman is open to receiving knowing fully well it does not make her weak but rather, she deserves it and in return, she reciprocates. She does not pursue a man because she knows her worth. She simply leans back, not like a log of wood but being graciously observant.


Many women were brought up feminine but were changed by their environment or life circumstances. An instance is where a woman is a single-parent, she’d have to play both the masculine and feminine role of a father and mother. Growing up in a ghetto can also cause a woman to become masculine, job roles such as being in the Armed Forces, etc. Even with these, it is possible to still be feminine especially when you are off-duty, spending time with yourself or going on a date. Things such as the perfume you were, the makeup you do, how you react to situations, how you think, etc to remind you of your feminity or switch back to it. 


Feminity is a journey. Activities such as meditation, gratitude, gardening, cooking, nuturing, expressing care and empathy, singing, sewing, shopping, pedicure and manicure, learning a new skill, drawing / painting, wearing matching lingerine and bright coloured clothes, taking a stroll at the beach, basking in nature or taking care of your overall outward appearance can help revive your feminity. You can also go to women conferences, outtings, spa, salon, etc to meet and make friends with feminine women. 


A feminine understands that her strength does not necessarily have to be shown via physical activity. She is calm, dresses pretty, attractive, soft, sweet, kind, gentle but stern when her boundaries are crossed, even in the midst of conflicts and arguments.

This is just the basics of feminity but feel free to delve deeper if you truly want to embark on this journey. 

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