No thanks to Coronavirus, all forms of inter-state or international travels were halted; and even though a lot of these bans were lifted, and are still being lifted gradually, so many people have missed out on planned vacations and travels. However, who said we couldn’t make the most of what we have now. Yes! We can! Right in our “back yards”, we can have as much fun and adventure. It is only a matter of perspective and conditioning.  

Looking on the bright side, your hometown tourism would not involve packing for a week-plus or dealing with multiple bouts of airport security and hoodlums at the bus parks and would also save you a world of money on air tickets and some other expenses. You don’t need to travel far and spend a lot of money to get some culture, relaxation, sightseeing and a little adventure in your life. You can do it in your own hometown.

So, how do you go about being a tourist in your hometown and making the most out of it? Not to worry, we have enumerated 10 things we think you should do to get that refreshing experience.
First things first; Change your perspective.

Walking around the city is amazing, but sometimes the best way to see your city is from a different perspective. Don’t think about it as the same place you see every other day.  Find the highest points of your hometown, and enjoy the view from up here. You will definitely fall in love with your city all over again.

Get a hotel room.

Waking up in a hotel is a tried-and-true way to set the mood for exploring. Enjoying some room service and having someone else tend to you and your needs can be exhilarating. The added kick of being away from home for the night will only add to the day’s fun. Lagos for instance is a very big city, and you sure haven’t seen all of it. If you live on the mainland, you can decide to spend the weekend at a hotel on the island and vice versa. This applies to any other city you live in the world over.

Make a date with your city.

Have you ever passed a place (hotel, restaurant or historical site) and say to yourself, “I’ll check them out”, many of us have, however, we often don’t do anything about it, and it won’t happen without a concrete plan. So pull out your calendar, set a date to visit that place and make it happen.

Try new places. 

For a second, forget about the old places you are used to visiting. New joints popup every time. Venture out and try things you never have before. Try out a popular restaurant you’ve never been to.

Go with a Camera.

Don’t forget your camera and take lots of pictures to capture your fun moments and remind you of the good times you’re having. Then again, your phone’s camera can get the job done, if you have a good phones camera that is.

Act like a tourist.

You know how tourists behave when they visit a new city right? All inquisitive and curious, have that same attitude as tourists do.  Get into that discovery mode.

Amplify your regular routines.

What does this mean? It means this; take something small and make it bigger. Those little things you usually do make them “touristy”. For instance, your daily stroll around the block could turn into a walk around a new-to-you neighborhood. Or instead of ordering a pizza or ice cream, make it a mission to test out the newest pizzeria in town. Leave your house. You’ll be surprised how simple shifts in everyday strategies can widen your window for adventure.

Go sightseeing to specific places

Do an online search for some specific places in your vicinity like lakes, ponds, wooded areas, parks, bridges, beaches etc. Add some nature into your life. Even if you’ve been to that spot before, go and enjoy. Try looking at it in a different way. It can reduce your stress and make your hometown vacation more relaxing.

Contact a travel agent. 

This might seem a bit over the top, but it is not, and this is because you may not know the coolest places in your city, even if you think you do. There are some people who are particularly into helping others get a tourist’s experience regardless of location. Contact one.

Share your experience

Remember the pictures you took with that camera; share them with family and friends, or post them on social media. You can even create a digital vacation or travel journal for yourself.  

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