TikTok is a rapidly growing platform with over 500 million users where they can share short videos of themselves dancing, singing, or just having fun. If you are creative and have something to share, then TikTok is your platform. It can help you build a following and connect with new people. However, if you can’t dance, don’t worry – you can still be a successful TikTok content creator, using these ten other genres.

Some of these genres include vlogging (sharing personal thoughts and experiences), reacting to videos (sharing your reactions to viral videos or movies), and unboxing (showing the contents of newly purchased items). So don’t be discouraged – there are plenty of other ways to create content that will be popular on TikTok.

10 other pieces of content to create as a TikTok content creator besides dance videos

Reaction videos

Take popular songs or TV shows and film your reactions to them. You can share your screen with an editing tool on TikTok and express your responses to certain situations. There is always a set of people who can relate to you. 

Challenge videos

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One of the interesting parts of Tiktok is the challenges. There is always something trending that you can join so hop on a hashtag and do fun challenges with your friends and family.

Skit videos

You can also create short skits with friends or coworkers. You could involve a younger family member to make it even more exciting. 


Share your thoughts and experiences with your followers. It could come in form of recording how you go about your day, something interesting you found, and so on. 

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Makeup tutorials

You could teach your followers how to do their makeup like a pro. Think of it as another YouTube but a more fun one. 

Cooking tutorials

Show your followers how to cook delicious meals. They could even be regular meals. Remember, there’s always an audience who can relate. 

Tag videos

Record yourself tagging other users in creative ways. For example, you can duet videos of other people and share your reaction to them. 

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Lip Sync Challenge

You can also stitch videos with other users to see who can lip sync better.

Educational videos

You can teach your followers something new and exciting. It could be something you just found out about or a topic you’re knowledgeable about. 

Fun facts

Share fun facts about your favourite celebrities or topics.

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