In celebration of World Social Media Day, Glazia Magazine interviewed some of the most influential figures in the digital landscape. Among them is Oluwatoniloba Itabiyi, also known as The Media Girl. A graduate of Covenant University, she is a lifestyle content creator, community manager, influencer, and marketing professional with over six years of experience.

Oluwatoniloba has demonstrated a remarkable ability to engage and grow online communities, manage brand reputation, and develop impactful marketing strategies. She has collaborated with reputable brands across various industries, including technology, finance, food, and consumer goods, contributing to their online presence and brand growth through innovative content and strategic influencer partnerships.

As a lifestyle content creator and influencer, The Media Girl has amassed a dedicated following of over 57,000 on Instagram. She is known for her authentic storytelling, relatable content, and ability to spark engaging discussions on topics ranging from relationships and personal finance to travel and self-care. Her content resonates deeply with her audience, driving high levels of engagement and fostering a strong sense of community.

With a passion for connecting with people and a talent for creating compelling narratives, Oluwatoniloba Itabiyi continues to make a significant impact in her industry.

“The most effective content strategies for engaging with my audience and maintaining their interest in my lifestyle posts revolve around consistency, authenticity, and interactivity.”

The media girl

Glazia in conversation with The Media Girl

Glazia: How has social media helped you establish and grow your brand as a lifestyle influencer, and what platforms have been most beneficial for your success?
The Media Girl
Oluwatoniloba Itabiyi

The Media Girl: Social media has been an enabler in establishing and growing my brand as a lifestyle influencer. Starting with Instagram, I focused on creating high-quality, visually appealing content that resonated with my niche. The platform’s features, such as stories, reels, and carousels, allowed me to diversify my content and engage with my audience on multiple levels. Consistent posting, authentic storytelling, and active engagement with my followers helped build a loyal and engaged community. This authentic connection fostered trust and credibility, making it easier to attract brand partnerships and collaborations.

While Instagram has been the most beneficial platform for my success, I have also leveraged other social media channels to expand my reach. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok allowed me to share longer and more dynamic content, while Twitter facilitated real-time engagement and interaction with my audience. Each platform offered unique strengths that complemented my overall content strategy.

G: How do you effectively engage your audience and sustain their interest in your lifestyle posts through content strategies?

TMG: The most effective content strategies for engaging with my audience and maintaining their interest in my lifestyle posts revolve around consistency, authenticity, and interactivity. Posting high-quality content regularly ensures my followers have something to look forward to while sharing genuine, relatable stories helps build a deeper connection with them.

The Media Girl
Oluwatoniloba Itabiyi
G: Can you share a moment when social media significantly impacted your career, leading to a major collaboration or opportunity?

TMG: One pivotal moment in my career was when some of my Instagram reels went viral, gaining a lot of views and significantly boosting my follower count. This visibility caught a brand’s attention, leading to a collaboration offer. They reached out to me for a campaign that involved creating a series of sponsored posts and Stories. I was so happy and proud of these achievements. 

Rapid-Fire Questions

G: Instagram stories or posts? 

TMG: Stories

G: What’s your go-to editing app? 

TMG: CapCut

G: Most memorable brand collaboration? 

TMG: Joy beauty 

G: Top tip for aspiring influencers? 

TMG: Be unique!

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