In celebration of World Social Media Day, Glazia Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most influential figures in the digital landscape. One standout personality is Omobolaji Ajibare, aka The Social Media Oga. With over nine years of experience in social media management, Omobolaji has honed the skill of creating engaging narratives that resonate with audiences and foster brand loyalty.

Specialising in managing social media pages for busy entrepreneurs, she enables them to focus on their core business activities while ensuring their online presence thrives. Her impressive track record showcases exceptional results and unwavering support for entrepreneurs across diverse industries.

A dedicated lifelong learner, Omobolaji continuously updates her skills in video editing, graphics design with Canva, content creation and curation, monitoring analytics, and staying current with the latest social media trends and tools. Through her consistent efforts, she has built a substantial following on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn, amassing over 96,000 followers.

“Old tips don’t work anymore so you should ensure you evolve as the landscape evolves. New social media managers should focus on upskilling.”

Social Media Oga

Glazia in conversation with The Social Media Oga

Glazia: How has social media evolved since you started sharing tips on social media management, and what should new social media managers focus on today? 

Social Media Oga: Mehn… The social media landscape is ever-evolving and has changed so much that I have had to archive all my old advice start afresh on Instagram and create a new strategy for my YouTube channel. There is AI now and even though a lot of people are against AI, it has helped me in my line of work and increased my productivity.

Social Media Oga
Omobolaji Ajibare

Old tips don’t work anymore so you should ensure you evolve as the landscape evolves. New social media managers should focus on upskilling. Many of them are very comfortable in their comfort zone and it shows. For example, you want to use free Canva and get the results someone pays for pro gets… Naa it’s not going to happen. Upskill and invest in yourself. 

G: How did social media help you position not just to reach and work with brands in Nigeria but also brands in other continents e.g. CapCut?

SMO: Being myself and genuinely staying consistent and true to my message helped brands notice me. I wasn’t going with the flow or what’s trending and in vogue. I stuck to my message and it was easy for global brands to notice the value I was delivering.

G: How has building a community on various platforms helped you achieve your goals, and what challenges did you face?  

SMO: Let me start with the challenges, It’s hard. I wish I had a stronger and clearer strategy when I started because I made so many mistakes for example separating my Tiktok Channels. Now I have 3 Tiktok pages and don’t care for Tiktok at the moment. Building communities on these platforms and catering to their needs is difficult. Another challenge I would say I have faced is serving these communities equally. It’s not easy showing up for my various communities on different platforms.   

Building communities has helped me grow as a social media mentor. For example, the money I made helped fund my master’s degree. Without a community that believed in me and my products and services, I doubt I would be in the United Kingdom now. The different communities on each platform help me understand better how social media works like a well-oiled machine. I think I will have more to say about communities at the end of the year because I am building on every platform, well apart from TikTok.

Social Media Oga
Omobolaji Ajibare
Rapid-Fire Questions

G: Favorite social media platform? 

SMO: I like Instagram. I know people would say they don’t like Instagram but I do. This was the app that I blew on as thesocialmediaoga

G: Hashtags or no hashtags? 

SMO: Hashtags that relate to the content you are posting. Also, don’t use #explore or #explorepage

G: What’s the best time to post? 

SMO: There is none. The best time to post is when you are available to post or engage with your audience.

G: One tool every social media manager must have? 

SMO: Canva. There is nothing you cannot do with Canva. 

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