Body composition refers to the relationship between muscle and fat in your body. There is an ideal ratio of muscle and fat for each unique individual. For determination of body composition the body is often assumed to be composed of four basic substances (“four compartment model”) with the general form of the equation as follows:


Where:  = overall body density,  = proportion of water,  = proportion of fat,  = proportion of protein,  = proportion of mineral,  = density of water,  = density of fat,  = density of protein,  = density of mineral

In order to achieve the ideal ratio, we have come up with five tips to help your body composition goals:

  1. Reduce the fat mass ratio in your body

The fat that is present in your body plays a major role in body composition. Reducing the amount of fat mass can help you to look slimmer, place less strain on your internal organs and help in building up of muscle mass. Simple lifestyle changes such as avoid consumption of sweet and processed or canned food products can go a long way. Indulge in some physical activity such as yoga, swimming or cardio.

  1. Improvise on your diet, follow a healthy and nutritious plan

Many people think that if you indulge in physical activity then you can eat whatever you feel like but the truth is that diet plays major role in building up of an ideal body composition. As 70% is the diet and the rest 30% is the workout. So workout along with a healthy diet can help you achieve your desired body composition. Follow some dietary tips like consuming fresh fruits when craving for sugar, including complex carbs in your diet likewise high biological value protein.

  1. Make mental commitments

It is always said that “A body achieves what a mind believes” which is a very relevant point. If you make a mental commitment about the goals that you want to achieve, then you are more confident and determined to do whatever you are doing for the accomplishment of your goals. A positive mind will keep you motivated to work with more efficiency and enthusiasm to attain your goals.

  1. Follow a proper sleeping pattern

You should always aim for a minimum 6-8 hours of sleep as lack of sleep can cause hindrance and make you feel low, lazy and lethargic throughout the day. On other hand,proper sound sleep helps you to wake up fresh, active and free from stress. So you have more power, energy and enthusiasm to work towards achievement of your body composition goals.

  1. Consistency is key

Improving your nutrition and exercising habits will not automatically help you achieve your goals. You need to be consistent and stay committed. One key is to create habits that make you accountable. Receiving guidance and support from a nutritionist can increase a sense of responsibility and ensure you stick to your routine. Same goes for working with an experienced fitness coach, who understands your body and what you need.


Written by Agbaje Omoniyi 

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