Food and Food combination is a necessity in our existence on earth and we would not grow well or even function properly without food.  It is worthy of note that we have evolved past the point of food being just a mandatory tool for survival. Food combinations is now a thing of adventure, enjoyment, relaxation, fun and even a gift.

Whatever the reason we have for eating, we still put in a thought or two into what we want to eat and how we want to eat it. While some people just repeatedly eat what they like or what they are accustomed to, some others love to try out new things with food, by coming up with new and different food combinations. Some of these combinations might seem silly or funny or weird, however, some combinations turn out to be very tasty, healthy and even easy on the taste buds.

Nigerians love food, that’s for sure. It is evident in our enthusiasm towards all food matters. From taste, to quality, to quantity, to versatility, our love for food is very conspicuous.

We have curated a few good food combinations that will serve as recommendations and have you licking your fingers or cutlery in food induced delight. They include;

  1. White rice + Stew + Beans

Food combination
White rice with Beans and Plantain

Health reasons aside, this food combination is one of holy grail of common food combinations, in Nigeria. Whether it is from the stables of “Iya Basira” (Mama Put generally) or it is on the gold plated dining set of a mansion in Banana Island, we love rice, stew and beans together. If you have never had this combo, then it should be on the top of you “to do” list. It doesn’t end there, as it can be consumed with some fried plantain, Shaki, Kpomo, Beef, Fish and even boiled eggs. This meal is a whole vibe and then some.

On the other hand, this food combination is a healthy balanced diet. It provides daily required food nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, iron, vitamins etc. So not only are you enjoying yourself, you are also not short on your body nutrients.

  1. Bole (Fish + Plantain)

Food Combination
Bole and Plantain

Bole is a local dish that consists of roasted plantain, roasted fish, peppered sauce and sometimes, a local herb (mostly Utazi leaf). The plantain can either be ripe or unripe, dependent on the consumer’s preference. The fish also is from a variety of species, depending on the geographical location, season and how much money is to be spent. Bole is predominantly a delicacy that originated from and is more localized to the South-South region of Nigeria. However, its fame has spread across the nation, because you can find Bole in some places in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Bole is known to be very filling, very satisfying, and truthfully, delicious. Bole is better enjoyed outdoors, at a spot, because if you prepare it at home, you might not get the same thrill as you would if you are outdoors eating and sharing the experience with friends, and family. It is also a very nutritious meal that we highly recommend. Disclaimer; if you do not like pepper, or if you have health conditions not suitable to pepper intake, you might want to stay away from the pepper sauce that comes with Bole or just take it in very small quantity, to avoid any mishap.

  1. Ewa Agoyin + Bread/Beans + Fried plantain (Dodo)

Food combination
Ewa agoyin combinations (c) Picuki

To all the Beans lovers out here, this is for you. Beans is one of the commonest sources of protein in West Africa. Both food combinations are fantastic on your taste buds and will leave you so filled that you might want to take a nap right after eating. While “Ewa Agoyin” and bread almost seems like a Lagos culture, Beans and fried plantain is a more national meal. This is best enjoyed when the beans are cooked to a soft perfection and the oil is surplus. The bread has to be very soft as well. That way the transition from plate to mouth, to stomach is rather seamless. In the case of Beans and Plantain, it is advised that the plantain be ripe and cut in slices.

When eating this food combination, please have a large jug of water close by to assist in the swallowing.

  1. Yam/Plantain + Egg sauce

Food combination
Yam and Plantain with Egg

This is another food combination that works every time, because it can serve as breakfast, lunch or even dinner. The yam can be either boiled or fried and it will still taste great. The egg is fried with freshly sliced tomatoes, diced onions, fresh pepper and some vegetables, depending on individual preferences. This meal is best enjoyed if the egg sauce in abundant. Not only is this food combination rich in nutrients and very tasty, it is reasonably cheap to prepare. This is especially if yam is in season.

The same goes for the plantain. It can either be boiled or fried, but the enjoyment is the same, depending on your preference. The plantain can be ripe or unripe, again, individual preference. Another point of recommendation is that your sauce be fresh and juicy, except you like it dry.

  1. Corn + Pear

Food Combination
Corn and Pear

This is a seasonal food combination that is very popular. Interestingly, the Maize season coincides with the Pear season, so this can pass as a match made in foodie heaven. During the rainy season in Nigeria, especially between June and July, there are usually no shortages of the combo on almost every street corner in Nigeria. African Pear, more popularly called “Ube” in Nigeria is delicious when it’s soft and plump.

The origin of this combination (corn and pear) together is still unknown; it however, doesn’t beat the fact that it is a very nutritious combination, providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals it requires to function. Wherever there is corn, the African pear is not far behind, and vice versa. Some individuals prefer roasted corn, while some others like it boiled. The sumptuous meal is sometimes considered a snack. The pear can also be eaten raw, roasted or boiled.


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