The rainy season comes with the urge for staying indoors, sitting on the couch looking outside the window if you have a view, watching TV and sleeping etc… This is OK if your desire is to get on by and just survive but do you want to thrive this rainy season and the cold that comes with it? As much as the rainy season comes with a cool and cosy atmosphere, it also tends to take a toll on our physical and mental health. It’s important to make a conscious effort to care for your overall well-being regardless of the time or season. We’re sharing some simple, everyday beauty and wellness tips your mind and body will thank us for!

Useful tips for maintaining your personal beauty and wellness in the rainy season

  1. Protect your skin

No matter your skin type, you still need to give tender love and care to your skin even in the cold weather. Exfoliate your skin properly at twice a week except if you have dry skin then it’ll have to be done minimally. Use light oils such as olive oil and moisturizers that are rich in vitamins to nourish the skin without clogging the pores. Always have a small jar of moisturizer and lip balm at hand to use whenever your skin or lips get dry.

  1. Protect your hair too

The humid atmosphere which comes with the rainy season is very good for our natural hair types, therefore, this is the best time to flaunt your hair. Be careful not to exposure your hair to too much humidity as this weighs down your hair strands. Protect your hair from the rain because your scalp will itch and your hair will smell. Always carry a shower cap with you. Use light oils such as jojoba oil on your scalp instead of heavy oils to avoid product buildup while protecting your scalp. Moisturize your hair lightly; the humidity will help retain the moisture level of your hair for a long time. Use light products that contain humectants such as honey and glycerin to draw moisture from the atmosphere to your hair.

Braids are a highly recommended style for the rainy season because it allows you gain easy access to your scalp and your hair strands still get to tap from the humidity in the atmosphere. If the rains get to your hair, it can easily be dried.

  1. Stay Active

The cold weather which comes as a result of the rainy season can tempt you be dormant and inactive. This can cause muscle cramps and also shorten blood circulation in your body. Stay active by engaging in exercises such as Cardio which increases the circulation of blood in the body. Simple exercises such as walking, jogging, running or engaging in simple house chores such as arranging rooms and dusting areas go a long way in providing heat to the body and keep the body system running.

  1. Check your Mental Health

Beauty and wellness goes beyond the physical. The mind powers the body. A strong mind equals an even stronger body. Many people are prone to depression, mood swings, sadness, sluggishness, anxiety, insomnia and energy loss during the cold weather due to lack of sunlight, low temperature and gloomy weather. Avoid staying in the dark, expose yourself to lighted areas especially sunlight. Do not stay isolated for too long. As stated earlier, stay active by engaging in exercises or simple body movements. Take a walk. Spend time and engage in activities with family, friends or loved ones to elevate your mood. Seek help from a medical professional if you .

  1. Get Regular Body Massage

Your body muscles gets inflexible and tense as a defence against exposure to cold. When this happens, you’d feel sore and experience pains in your joints and glutes. Circulation of blood in the body system is reduced and oxygen which provides our body with heat becomes low.

Body massages combat body tension and boosts your immune system by increasing the lymph flow which contains white blood cells that fight infections in the body. Scalp massages help relax your brain muscles and reduce migranes.

  1. Boost Your Temperature With Heat Providing Foods
Beauty and Wellness Tips for Thriving in the Rainy Season
hot tea with lemon and ginger

Beauty and wellness is also about what you eat. Studies have shown that what we eat can affect how we feel. Avoid cold foods such as ice-cream as much as possible. Eat foods that provide heat to the body such as hot soups and fatty foods. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Opt for spices such as ginger, cinnamon, thyme, chilli pepper, cloves and cumin. Taking hot teas such as green tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea etc provide your body with heat, keep you hydrated, clear your nostrils and calm your nerves which is great for your mental health.

  1. Keep Your Body Warm

Take hot baths and use hot balm on areas of your body that are prone to cold. Do not wear damp clothes especially thick clothes that are not completely dry. It is mostly about how you use your clothing and not how many they are; cover body areas such as the neck, chest, feet, and hands which are more prone to cold. Use the appropriate fabrics for cold weather such as sweatpants, silk scarves and cloths made of wool. You can also warm your rooms and beds by turning on the heater or allowing hot steam from heated water or the shower to circulate in your rooms. If you live in temperate regions like Nigeria, this may not be necessary unless your threshold for cold is really low.



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