In her latest literary offering titled ‘Becoming Queen Bathsheba’; award-winning author Amanda Bedzrah explores themes around the use and abuse of power, forgiveness, faith, and the consequences of our actions in a compelling fictional retelling of the popular Bible story. 

The second in her Women-in-the-Bible series which explores familiar biblical stories from the perspectives of their female characters; Becoming Queen Bathsheba is a gripping narration of the biblical story of David and Bathsheba, drawing from the queen’s experiences.

From her placid life as a wife to one of the king’s most trusted soldiers to the disruption from having caught the king’s eye, and the events that unfolded thereafter; Bedzrah tells the story as never before experienced and, in so doing, unearths so much more.

Becoming Queen Bathsheba

Avid fans of Amanda Bedzrah have come to recognise and love her writing style; a simple yet profound way of pulling the reader in and eliciting a response for action – to take away the right lessons and do the right thing. 

Amanda Bedzrah
Amanda Bedzrah

This is because the author herself is a firm believer that strength and direction can come from the Bible – even for today’s living. Much of Bedzrah’s work is grounded in the redeeming, empowering and transformative power of God’s love. Her debut book, The Love That Set Me Free, was met with critical acclaim, with readers recognising themselves — and finding healing — through her autobiographical account of childhood abuse, suppression and trauma. 

Since then, she has authored several instructional guides for living life fully according to God’s will, including 5 Habits of Godly Resilient Women, Overcoming the Fear of Death, and Praying Proverbs. She has also designed and published two journals for developing the art of kindness.

Amanda Bedzrah

When quizzed about the departure from life guides to Biblical fiction; she commented on how she had always been struck by how little depth is given to female characters in the Bible. Including even the most pivotal leads. This observation prompted the Women in the Bible series, with Becoming Queen Bathsheba following the popular ‘Leah: Unnoticed. Unwanted. Unloved’.

Leah explores the story of another female biblical character with a deft, light touch, and was warmly received in literary circles, earning it five-star reviews from readers, for example:

Amanda Bedzrah
Amanda Bedzrah

This book was such a blessing to read. The character of Leah has been expounded so well. I highly recommend this book. Especially for those who can identify with feelings of rejection and abandonment.

I enjoyed reading Leah both as a novel and also as an inspirational book. It captures the pain of people who have felt unloved and unwanted. Thank you, Amanda, for this great piece of work. Very well written, easy to read and easy to relate with/to.

Becoming Queen Bathsheba looks set to become another bestseller, with early reviewers calling it “unforgettable” and “amazing…almost missed my [flight’s] boarding call” The story is told in vivid, captivating detail that brings the historical characters to life in a way that today’s readers can relate to, and learn from.

Becoming Queen Bathsheba is available to order on Amazon, and available for purchase on Selar for Nigerian readers.

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