There is hardly anyone alive who isn’t concerned about their body weight one way or another. The difference though is that while majority of people want to lose weight, a few others want to add up some body weight. Howbeit, if you fall into the first category, then this is for you. In the journey of weight loss, you constantly hear or see things like “eat this, and don’t eat that”. It is not often you hear or see things like “drink this and not that”.

We’re here to change things up a little bit with some “drink this list”; the drinks listed below have been studied, and research says that they can help you lose a few pounds. Check them out;

Plain Water

It is no news that water is the number one healthiest liquid in the beverage kingdom, and the entire human body is made up of 60% water. So, how can you use water for weight loss? This is how; drink it before a meal and you’ll fill your belly for zero calories and eat less.

Research found that people who drank 16 ounces of water before meals ate between 75 and 90 fewer calories during the meal. Hunger is often a misinterpreted signal for thirst, so staying hydrated will also keep hunger at bay. Research also suggests that about 64 ounces of water a day is ideal for maintaining a healthy body weight and good function of your organs. “The more water you drink, the more weight you may lose,”

Grapefruit Juice

While rich in vitamins, fruit juice, even 100% fruit juice, is high in natural sugars and calories so you wouldn’t want to drink big glasses of juice if you’re looking to lose weight. But a small glass of grapefruit juice might help.

Tart Cherry Juice

Many studies have linked inadequate sleep with weight gain and hampering weight-loss efforts. You may be able to ensure more restful sleep by having a nightcap of tart cherry juice. Eating tart cherries or drinking their juice has been shown to improve sleep quality and duration. Tart cherries contain tryptophan and anthocyanins, two compounds that help the body produce melatonin, a hormone that helps you prepare for sleep.

Psyllium Husk Mixed in Water

Psyllium husk is a type of soluble fiber used in the popular fiber supplement Metamucil that when mixed with water thickens into a gel. In your body psyllium absorbs liquid and can help you to feel full, making it easier to eat less.

Fruit-Infused Waters

Drinking just water will get boring at sometime, no matter how healthy it is, so if you’re tired of drinking just water, spruce up your water with a splash of fruit juices like cranberry, orange, or grapefruit. Option two; get a large tumbler of ice water and add some of these mix-ins to add flavor and color: frozen grapes, blueberries, raspberries, kiwifruit slices, cucumber slices, mint leaves, orange slices, lime wedges, basil, grated ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, mango slices or pineapple can all add magic to your water.


Your morning coffee may help you slim down, A recent study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that drinking four cups of coffee every day reduced body fat by about 4%. This is largely due to the fact that caffeine causes a ramp up in metabolic processes.

Green Tea

There is a controversy as to whether or not green tea plays any role in weight loss, but it is worthy of note that green tea contains high amounts of a special antioxidants called catechins. This is believed to rev up the metabolism and increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

White Tea

You hear a lot about the benefits of green tea, but white tea also contains the powerful fat burning combination of caffeine and the catechin EGCG, which certain studies show actually prevents new fat cells from forming. White tea revs up metabolism, supercharging the body’s ability to break down and utilize existing fat for energy.

Coconut Water and Watermelon Water

It is not a good idea to rehydrate with energy drinks after a workout session, majorly because they contain insane amounts of sugar and calories. Water is always better, and if you need to replenish some electrolytes, take coconut water or watermelon water. Both fruits contain low sugar.

Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps move lactic acid out of muscles, reducing pain and fatigue.

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