What’s in your bag? Are you fully equipped to face the day? It may sound trivial but whilst rushing out to work, run errands or meet appointments, you should never forget little essentials like a hand sanitizer, wet wipes etc. These may sound like little nothings but they can actually save your day.

You don’t want to be that person who is always asking others for things. “Please do you have a pen? do you have tissue? Do you have some mint?” No one is saying stock up for the World War III but how about having some of these essential items handy and be the one who gives instead? For your own convenience, we have created a list of critical things your purse should never be without.


1. Tissues/ Wipes

Tissues or wet wipes are a major item to have in your purse always. They’re so versatile and useful, you could use as facial wipes, when you have food spills, when you need to visit the rest room and more. A pack of tissue paper should be a staple in your purse no matter how tiny said purse is, for  your everyday activities.


2. Pocket Perfume

If you live in a hot country like Nigeria, you should always have a pocket perfume handy. When you need that quick zest after a sweaty day or have to meet your friends for drinks after work or a business meeting after a busy day, you’d be glad you have a pocket perfume in your purse. Not only will the beautiful smell give you a feel good kick, it would also ensure you smell good and not like what the cat dragged in.

3. Hand Sanitizer

The fact that we no longer have the threat of Ebola outbreak does not mean that you say bye-bye to hand sanitizers. In our day to day activities, we come in contact with germs either by handling money or touching surfaces, giving handshakes and more. Having a hand sanitizer in your purse will make it easy to keep your hands clean and also keep you healthy. Putting dirty hands in your mouth or touching your face with dirty hands will leave you susceptible to infections and acne respectively

4. Lip Balm

This will help you stay moisturized and prevent chapped or dry lips, especially during the dry season. Having a lip balm handy helps to keep the lips in good condition as well as help you avoid looking tacky.


5. Lotion/ Hand Cream

Dry and flaky looking skin can be uncomfortable and can also present an unkempt look. Lotion helps to keep your hands moisturized and hand-shake ready. Hand lotion with a good smell can also help to keep you smelling fresh after a meal or hand wash.


6. Mint

It’s best to have a pack of mint in your purse for times when you need to refresh your breath either after a meal or when you feel uncomfortable. It saves you from mouth odor and makes you have a comfortable conversation with people. You don’t want to lose that contract, job or even new beau *wink* just because your breath “smelled funny”.



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