Self-love and self-care are two sides to the same coin. They are not mutually exclusive. One begets the other. Love is a beautiful expression of certain attributes learned and embedded for a long time. From the bounty in the heart, comes love in its wholesome form. However, when there’s little in the heart, only little comes out too.

In essence, this simply means that when you grow up in an environment where love is shared abundantly, you express it in large quantities too. However, when there is a lack of love around you, it tends to affect the way you share love too. One can only share what one has.


An effort today, an effort tomorrow, there you go.

Sola Tales

All the types of attachment styles in relationships boil down to the amount of love in one’s heart. The way the avoidant shares love is totally different from the way the secured share theirs.

While all of these are true, another valid perspective is the way you view and treat yourself. The saying, ‘you attract what you think’ couldn’t be truer. From self-care to self-love, they determine what you attract. 

In this article, you’d learn different methods of self-love and self-care

Self-care are of different types

Emotional care

The way you control your emotions and integrate intelligence into your relationships with others is paramount. For example, separating emotions from business is emotional Intelligence and also emotional care. On the other hand too, unbottling emotions to free yourself from emotional aches can also be self-care.

Physical care

How do you take care of your physical health? Do you take adequate rests and workout when necessary? Do you eat right? How regularly do you visit a doctor and get yourself checked out? Doing all these constitutes self-care. 

Mental care

For spiritual/mental care, simple things like yoga can help relax your mind from internal noise. Also, minding your business and drinking plenty of water is good mental and self-care. 

Love yourself deeply by practising these self-love tips

For Self-love, you should take a love language test first then proceed to practise these languages in yourself. Love languages are ways in which you want to be loved by friends, family and your significant other. To accept these love languages and attract them, you should practice them on yourself first. 

What are these love languages and how can you practise them on yourself? 


As someone whose primary love language is receiving gifts, you shouldn’t wait for others to do it for you first. Buy yourself gifts occasionally. Who says you can’t buy birthday gifts for yourself? Adorn yourself with gifts. A dress for earning well. Fresh set of plates for that promotion, and so on. 

Physical Touch

Don’t recoil just yet. We understand that this may seem quite difficult since most people would prefer to be touched by others. However, a pat on your cheek when you receive a compliment or a self-hug to motivate yourself will go a long way in helping you get comfortable with yourself.

Acts of service

People whose love language is acts of service enjoy it when they are being helped or taken into consideration. But you can also do these things for yourself. Take out time to water your garden yourself, clean your room, take yourself out to celebrate small wins, and do other basic things you’d rather be helped with. That way, when these helps come from a loved one, you wouldn’t feel like a burden because they are things you do for yourself anyway. 

Quality attention

If your love language is quality attention, you mostly want to be listened to and understood. Spend time with yourself first. Enjoy your own company so you don’t become too dependent on others who won’t always be available anyway. Spend time enjoying hobbies such as reading, listening to music /podcasts, watching movies, and so on. 

Words of Affirmation 

Teach yourself to speak positivity for yourself. Words like “I am amazing”, “I love myself”, and so on, can go a long way in boosting your confidence in not settling for less. 

Article written by Sola Tales

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