With the advent of technology, many jobs have been created, especially jobs that require tech skills. These jobs keep sprouting and have different names attached to them, according to the task at hand. For example, social media management wasn’t a job until the 2000s when celebrities needed people to manage their social media pages while they were busy. 

Although these jobs seem new, the capacity to manage them isn’t new. As with every industry, there are experts in these newly formed industries as well and they teach skills to newbies and amateurs.

The trend nowadays is tech, as a word, as an industry, as a job and also a career. Tech is seen as the new normal and the future. Everything involves tech so the demand for tech skills and “tech bros” are high. This leads many to scramble to learn tech skills in order to be fully involved in the industry.

There is a very common assumption that all tech skills and roles require coding. On the contrary, not all jobs in tech require coding. Coding is a vital part of tech but it is hardly required in all tech roles. Tech is broad, and so encompasses several arms, ranging from data analysis to sales, marketing and cloud computing.

If you are interested in transitioning into tech but do not want to code, here are some skills you could learn.


Marketing is an accommodating skill that could be infused into any industry including tech. It is also quite broad, because there is digital marketing, product marketing, content marketing, advertising, and so on.

Tech skills

The more startups sprout, the more they need visibility to expand the business. If you learn a marketing skill, you have a great chance at being involved in tech as a marketer, a chief marketing officer or even a co-founder.

Data Analysis

Information is power. Every industry needs data and tech isn’t excluded. Analytics of a company’s visibility on social media, internet, internally and externally is needed constantly to gauge progress. Hence, data analysis.

Tech skills

Data analysis is a process that involves transforming, and rebranding data to discover useful information for business decision-making. Every tech company needs a data analyst and if you are interested in researching for any kind of purpose , this skill is fit for you.

UI/UX design

UI /UX design is a branch of graphic design which involves designing frameworks and blueprints for websites and apps.

Tech skills

A graphic designer would excel at this skill. Although it requires no coding, a knowledge of how codes work on websites would serve as a leverage to design the frameworks. 

Project management

This skill is suitable for individuals who have a knack for leading teams and getting things done within a specific period. 

Tech skills

A project manager’s job is similar to that of a wedding planner. They lead those who work on projects and ensure execution is done properly and timely. Project managers can fit in any industry. In the tech world, project management involves working on product’s cost, quality and time to launch it. It could also accommodate other responsibilities such as satisfying clients and customers. 

Technical writing

Have you ever thought of how a writer can fit into tech? Well, here’s the job for you. Asides content creation and copywriting which are part of marketing in tech, technical writing is a vital skill in a company’s growth.

Tech skills

Someone has to write press releases when products are launched, memos within the organisation, reports for annual meetings, proposals for investors, white papers, and so on.

If you have a passion for writing but also want to be in tech, you can hone this skill and transition perfectly into the industry. 

Article written by Sola Tales 

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