Food is an absolute essential in our existence, and it is always fun to know some facts about what we consume. Some food facts are scary, others are mind boggling, and some others are damn right funny. Either way, learning about them are always fun.

Enjoy these food facts listed below.  

Asparagus goes bad pretty quickly

Asparagus loses its flavor the quickest out of any vegetable; therefore, it’s best to eat it the day of purchase.

Bummer! French fries are not really from France

French fries were actually created in Belgium, not France! They are called French fries because of how they are prepared; they’re julienned.

Chewing gums originally included birch bark

The first gum was from Europe more than 900 years ago, but it was a far cry from the gum we know and love today. People were originally chewing birch bark!

Oreos used to have a different name

Oreos were originally called “Oreo Biscuits” when they were first produced. The oreo cookie we know and love today comes in countless flavors, but when these cookies made their debut, they launched the original chocolate cookies and a lemon meringue flavor.

Seaweed is used to make dairy products

Fresh seaweed salad.

A type of seaweed called Carrageenan is commonly used as a thickening and emulsifying agent in dairy and non-dairy products, such as chocolate milk, cheese, ice cream and cottage cheese.

Lollipops have plenty of history

Lollipops have been around thousands of years! Rumor has it that cavemen invented them by collecting honey from beehives with a stick and licked the stick to eat them. Who knew?

Figs are made by wasps

Figs are made by fig wasps which mate inside the fig, leaving it to blossom. Kinda gross!

Bell pepper lobes mean something

Bell peppers have different amounts of lobes, which can help determine their use. Four lobes are sweeter and are best raw, while peppers with three lobs are best cooked. Talk about intentionality.

Corn can be used in pretty much anything

Corn or maize (whichever you prefer) is one of the most versatile crops out there. In fact, there are more than 4,000 different uses for corn. It can be found in anything from your pet’s food to fireworks. Surprise!

Canned white tuna has high mercury content

Canned tuna fish in bowl

Canned white tuna has three time mores mercury than chunk light. Can you believe that? This is one very good reason to click here

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