This could very easily be one of the weirdest things to say to anybody. While almost everyone on the planet loves ice cream, it is mostly used as dessert, a comfort food, or simply used to satisfy cravings. However, when someone tells you to have some ice cream for breakfast, it is okay to find out their motive.  And, if you haven’t caught on by now, this is what is going on; it is officially “Eat ice-cream for breakfast day 2021”. This event is celebrated on 6th of February every year.

It is also okay to want to know if there is any merit to this, which is why we’re sharing some reasons why eating ice cream for breakfast might actually be good for you.

Health benefits

According to a study held at Kyorin University in Tokyo, those who eat ice cream in the morning as breakfast are comparatively smarter than those who do not. Yes, it might be the most delightful piece of news for numerous toddlers and for adults who have a sweet tooth.

Working mechanism

Known to have an ‘awakening’ effect on the mind, ice cream when eaten immediately after waking up in the morning, shocks the brain making it active and helps in increasing the mental capacities. In other words, soon after waking up in the morning, having ice cream gives a significant boost to the mental health and perks up your brain to the level that makes you mentally alert all day long.

Breakfast versus no breakfast

The fact is undoubtedly true that if you do not have breakfast, you might not be as productive as those who regularly eat breakfast. Talking about indulging in ice cream for the morning meals, the whole game is about the level of glucose in your daily breakfast. According to a renowned nutritional psychology researcher, the foods containing high glucose (sugar) level amp up significantly the mental capacities, in comparison to not eating at all.

Ice cream brings happiness

There is something about ice cream that we just cannot stop loving. Ice cream is known to trigger positive emotions in the human mind and activates the pleasure spots in the brain. That is why you’d seldom see anyone indulging in ice cream and furious at the same.

Ice cream is good but a high amount of sugar isn’t

In the indulge merriment, remember this; an extra amount of calories in the form of sugar is not a good thing. The coldness of ice cream and sugar level might perk you up, but is not healthy in the long run. The less sugar you eat, the lower is the risk of obesity or other heart diseases.

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