That Vaseline (named petroleum jelly brand) many underrate can be used in so many ways beauty-wise. You can use Vaseline for your lips, ankles, elbows, hair and much more. Although Vaseline is considered non-comedogenic, it’s best to avoid use on the face if you are acne-prone or experience breakouts from using it.  Here are some of vaseline’s most useful beauty hacks you may not have heard of:

  • For thick eyelashes: Lather Vaseline all over your eyelashes overnight and watch them thicken, even without a prescription!
  • To soften dry and cracked elbows: especially during the dry season. Apply a dime sized of Vaseline and massage into elbows.
  • To revive dry cuticles: Store a mini-Vaseline container in your purse and use for emergency dry cuticle moments.
  • For luscious lips: Dry seasons always leave dewy lips desertic. Vaseline is there for you and your irresistible pout. You can also mix Vaseline with Kool-Aid powder and make a colored (and flavored) lip gloss.
  • To make your scent last longer: Gently rub Vaseline all over your perfume points (i.e. the cleavage, behind the ear, neck, and wrist) and your scent will last longer!
  • To remove lipstick smudges: Spread a little Vaseline over your teeth and lipstick smudges be gone! This is an infamous tip used at beauty pageants.
  • Perfect for an eye-shadow and blush boost: Apply very little over your eye shadow for a glossy effect. Apply on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy glow. Mix with lipstick for a cream blusher!
  • It eases eyebrow plucking: Tame your eyebrows and lube up the under-skin so you can pluck with ease.
  • Prevent hair dye from seeping onto your forehead: Softly dab all over your hairline and keep that box hair dye from dying your forehead the color of your new hairdo.
  • To make your accessories look brand spankin’ new: New job interview or a hot date? Put a small dab on your shoes and shine away!
  • Hide Split Ends: Hide damaged ends with a small amount on your hair ends.
  • Remove makeup stains for your clothes. Dab a little with a damp cloth.
  • To prevent spray-tan streaks: Rub all over the backs of your knees, ankles and hands to prevent seriously frightening spray tan lines.Versatile Vaseline – Amazing Beauty Hacks You Never Knew Existed
  • To get those difficult nail polish bottles open: Make it easier next time and rub Vaseline under the cap. Easy to open the next time you decide to do an at-home pedi.
  • Use as exfoliating body wash: Mix with sea salt and come out of the shower feeling soft, and sexy.
  • To remove false eyelash glue from your lash line.
  • It can also be used to smooth and soothe skin after shaving.
  • Lubricates ear lobes and helps make earring insertion easy and painless.


Is Petroleum Dangerous for You?

Petroleum jelly was first discovered as a by-product forming on oil rigs in the mid-1800s. A chemist, who later opened the first Vaseline factory (1870 by Robert Chesebrough), worked on refining the substance to be a topical solution. But before it’s refined, petroleum jelly does include carcinogenic compounds (substances that could cause cancer).  However, research from multiple dermatologists as reported by Good HouseKeeping show that there’s no need to worry about it causing cancer. “There are no clinical studies that demonstrate that the use of petrolatum promotes cancer,” says Dr. Marina Peredo, M.D., F.A.A.D. “Today’s formulas have been purified and tested and are cleaner and healthier than ever before.”

Scott Rackett, M.D. and Nourage Ambassador agrees: “There is no scientific evidence that short-term or long-term use of Vaseline causes cancer or any other health risks.” And to put you at even more ease, Rackett says there have been no reported cancer cases on record.


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