In the journey of weight loss, it is almost impossible not to hear that you are to avoid certain carbs, and this is because crabs are known to have a certain bad reputation of enabling weight gain, which is why, when we decide to lose weight the first thing we do is eliminate carbs from our diet.

But all these claims are not true. Some high-carbs foods are actually good for your weight loss. You need these carbs to power your brain, fuel your workouts and get that healthy fibre for smooth digestion.

So, if you are trying to shed kilos, here are five carbs-rich foods that you must include in your weight loss diet.

Remember that saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, well that is true. Apples are super hydrating and a healthy source of carbs. Apple has 86 per cent water, which helps keep you hydrated and boosts your metabolism. It also has prebiotic qualities, which is a treat to your gut.

​Brown rice

The thought that you need to give up rice completely in order to lose weight is a very heartbreaking one. This is what to do; if you’re trying to lose weight, then switch your white rice for brown rice. A study of 430 Japanese people found that consuming white rice leads to weight gain while eating brown rice had the opposite effect. Brown rice is full of fibre, which makes it a perfect choice for weight watchers.


Instead of eating that sugary cereal, go for some good old-fashioned oats. Oats are whole grain. And the best part about oats is you can make them sweet or salty as per your choice. Try sticking to the vegetable oats (salty one), as added sugar is not good for weight loss.

Sweet potato

Popularly called as Shakarkand, sweet potato can be a part of your healthy weight loss diet. It is lower in calories, carbs and high in fibre as compared to their white potato counterparts. They are also high in micronutrients, including potassium that you surely need for successful weight loss results.

Whole wheat bread

A big research analysis of 12 studies revealed that the more whole grains people ate, including whole wheat bread, the lower body mass index (BMI) they had. Especially while following the Mediterranean diet, eating whole wheat bread can help promote weight loss and lower belly fat. To make your bread even healthier, you can add loads of veggies to it.

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