Perhaps there is not much more invigorating feeling than stepping out of the shower and feeling the air hit your wet skin. With the hot water from the shower splashing back, you can feel all the stresses from the day just melt away. However, there is more to just stepping out of the shower. You need to be meticulous in your whole process.

Here’s how to turn your shower hour into a full-body workout regimen with these 4 simple exercises.

 Glazia Pre-shower Workouts
Squats – Body shaping and glutes workout, training butt and hamstring.

Squats are a strength exercise that helps you strengthen your tendon, bones, and ligament around your muscle. They reduce your chances of knee and ankle injury and may help boost bone mineral density for stronger bones. 15 to 20 squats is an easy exercise to add to your routine just before you shower.

Glazia Pre-shower Workouts
Lunges with arms up.

Lunges help to increase muscle mass, build up strength, and tone your body, especially your core, hips, glutes, butt, and legs. While lunges can help you lose weight, they can also help you improve your posture, balance, stability, alignment, and symmetry.

Push ups
Glazia Pre-shower Workouts

The push-up targets your core, chest, arms, and shoulders.  It helps build the upper body and core strength. There are different variations of the Push-up. There is the bent knee push-up, incline push-up, stability ball push, decline push-up, etc.

Glazia Pre-shower Workouts

Sit-ups are an abdominal training exercise that helps to strengthen, tighten, and tone your abdominal muscles. By working on your lower back and gluteal muscles, they promote good posture. Sit-up is a great exercise to help reduce the risk of back pain and injury, increase stability and balance, increase flexibility, improve muscle mass and core strength and strengthen your diaphragm.

Not all of us are blessed with the time to hit the gym every day, but that’s not an excuse to give up on exercise altogether.

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