Runners have been said to live healthier lives. Studies suggest that running up to 20 miles a week helps you live longer. As much as most runners wish they could, you cannot buy the motivation need to stay consistent. Running motivation can come in different forms when the finish line isn’t in sight–new running shoes, a new training plan, or even joining a running club. But at its purest, motivation is the human desire to do something; unlocking that desire may be even more difficult than the task itself. Whether you are a beginner who is yet to start, an experienced runner or advanced runner, whatever your level is; we’re sharing some motivation and tips for you.

Motivation for Beginner Runners 

As a new runner, it can be daunting to look at the miles ahead and know the only way to get there is with your own two feet. Begin at the end. Setting a goal provides something a runner can work toward. It can be a number of different things: maybe it’s weight loss, or picking a 5k race, or a certain number of miles a week, or even a half marathon. Whatever that goal is, keep it in mind each time you lace up those sneakers for a jog.

This will also help track progress. Write the goal down and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day, keeping markers of the steps taken to achieve it. After a few weeks, look back at the work accomplished and you’ll be able to see it actualized. See yourself achieving those goals and surpassing them.

Find a running partner to improve the immediate desire to run, even if simply knowing that person is counting on you. Executing on a training program together, with a shared goal, can increase the level of accountability. Lastly, make it a Routine to follow up. A morning run can ripple positively into the rest of your day. Acute aerobic exercise activates the prefrontal and occipital cortices in the brain, increasing “executive control.” Developing a morning running routine provides a nice reset of the body’s clock; it can feel like adding hours to the day. Another benefit? A solid training schedule can positively impact your regular schedule.

Motivation Tips for Runners at every level


Motivation for Experienced Runners

There’s a fine line between getting into a groove and finding yourself in a rut. Start by buying some new gear like running shoes and shorts. It serves as a reward and provides motivation for accomplishing larger goals. So much of success when running comes before (and after) feet hit the pavement.

Nutrition should be looked at holistically, because supplements can provide a boost during the run and also help with recovery.You could take supplements as they provide a boost during the run and also help with recovery. Pre-run supplements include caffeine for energy, calcium for bone health and even creatine to reduce muscle inflammation. Post-run, focus on protein for muscle recovery and fish oil to reduce muscle soreness.

Cross training is also a great way to spice up your workout routine. By introducing strength workouts or cross training into your regimen, motivation can be found in presenting new challenges and accomplishing new goals. Learn to switch up locations, don’t be a running rodent that stays on treadmill. Learn to take the challenge to the road side. Runners have also shared that there’s something special about running in the rain. It’s easy to feel invigorated by discovering a new place or hitting a new distance, so trail running or cross country running are always good motivators for the simple fact that they place you out of your element.


Motivation for Advanced Runners

Advanced runners can have the most difficult time finding motivation because running is such a part of their life that it becomes an unquestioned obligation. As an advanced runner, always remember and embrace the pain and vulnerability Because running is hard; it hurts; it requires time; it takes mental fortitude.

It’s advisable you ditch the tech, which also includes music. Many of us train with music, but that can act as a barrier between you and the world in which you’re running. Select one day to run untethered by technology. It can serve as a great way to reconnect with the simple joy of running, ditching the gadgets to escape the metrics. Sometimes you have to operate on feel, and it can be motivating to find that energy within yourself instead of hitting a number on your wrist. Some of your best runs aren’t necessarily your fastest.

If you’re participating in a race that doesn’t allow music, it’s especially beneficial to train without tunes and run to the beat of your own pace. Learn to also improve your diet, for example, a marathon runner might undertake periods of training with a low-carb, high-fat diet, to boost fat burning followed by maximizing carb fueling for a race. Lastly, enjoy small wins.


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