Saving money on food is a must, as food is a basic human necessity. Studies have shown that one of the major expenses us humans have, is food. Eating good doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or send you into bankruptcy. Here are 5 ways to help you save money on food.

  1. Budget list

To save money on food, you ought to begin with a budget. Before leaving home, make a budget list and stick to it. Your budget list should include only the food and snacks etc you need.  Make a menu plan to help you put together your budget list so you buy only what you need and ignore other side attractions.

  1. Shop at food stores or supermarket

They always offer more variety and usually cheaper prices than convenience stores or small specialty shops. They also provide layout and where the healthy foods are located and sometimes have sales. It’s advisable you get to know the layout where the required food items are located, for example; on the perimeter (or outside aisles) of the store you will usually find the fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, lean meat.save money on food

3. Buy in Season

Buying food in their harvest season makes it’s cheaper and you in turn save more. Vegetables and fruits are cheaper when they are in season. Avoid waste by buying fresh fruit at different stages of ripeness. Choose some fruit that is ripe and ready to eat, and some that will ripen in a few days. That way you’ll have enough time to eat all your purchases.

4. Compare the unit price for similar items

The unit price tells you how much something costs per “unit” or per 100 grams (g) or 100 millilitres (mL). Don’t worry about using a calculator to figure this out. You can usually find the unit price in small print under the main price. This price can help you compare whether a large or small size of an item is a better buy.

5. Don’t buy more than you need

Just because something is marked two for N500, four for N1000, etc., doesn’t mean you have to buy that many items. You get the same discounted price if you buy just one.


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