Why do some people get excited to go to work while you loathe weekday mornings? Understandably, we all need to make a living but it seems as though some are enjoying the process more than others.  Who says you too can’t find satisfaction in your job or business? Here are 6 ways to achieve career satisfaction.

  1. Do something you love everyday: This is the number tip of achieving career satisfaction. Do something that you love to do everyday or at least love what you do. This helps to overcome weariness. Discover small things about your job that make you happy. Make sure that these activities or tasks are on your agenda every day. Certainly, there is something that you can identify that you love to do on your job.
  2. Hangout with positive colleagues: Hang out with the colleagues who share your positive outlook, who can inspire you. Take time out for lunch together or drinks after work, rub minds and have uplifting chats. Nothing will impact your job satisfaction and make you weary faster than hanging out with people who wallow in a sea of negativity and sap your energy.
  3. Do something you’re good at everyday: Combat your weary feelings by doing something that you excel at doing every day. Nothing makes you feel better than to competently perform a task or create a desired outcome. Success breeds more success and employees who are pushed or who push themselves to achieve and excel, experience increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Do what you do well and experience the joy of doing well. Repeat every day.
  4. Overcome Procrastination: Whatever the reason for your procrastination, it is one of the worst work habits that negatively impact career satisfaction. Combat feelings of weary with contribution and fulfillment, not procrastination and excuses.
  5. Take frequent small breaks: Stretch your legs, do desk exercises, walk around the office. Break up the strain of sitting or standing in one place all day long. Take deep breaths and use stretching time to think and plan. Have something you need to share with a colleague? Instead of texting or emailing, walk over and talk. Just walking around the office can make you feel better.
  6. Achieve a couple of goals everyday: Break your big departmental and personal goals down into manageable pieces that you can accomplish daily. Checking the accomplishments off on your daily list will put joy in your heart. You deserve to feel as if you accomplished and contributed to every day.



Written by Niyi Agbaje 

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