Have you ever wondered why banana is referred to as a great post-workout fruit? We did too….

Post-workout hunger is quite difficult to curb. A long training session sucks out all the energy and the first thing most people grab to refuel themselves is a banana. Bananas are rich in fiber, easy to digest and packed with essential nutrients, they are considered as a perfect post-workout snack by most fitness enthusiasts. It doesn’t end at just being nutritious; there are other factors that make bananas great after-workout snacks, and they are listed below.

​It helps the body to utilize more protein

Banana contains easy-to-digest carbs and is also an excellent source of protein. Having this fruit after an intense workout session can help in speedy recovery of muscles. It is believed that carbs help to increase the muscles ability to absorb protein, which in turn helps in building muscles.

​It may reduce inflammation

Apart from carbs and protein, bananas also contain compounds like dopamine and polyphenols. Scientists suggest that carbs and these two compounds together can help to prevent muscle soreness caused due to excessive exercising. It helps you recover faster before your next training session.

It may help to repair damaged muscles

Eating carb-rich food immediately after exercising makes it easier for muscle cells to replenish their glycogen stores, and bananas being rich in digestible-carb, helps to speed up the rate of formation of muscle glycogen in the body and rebuild damaged muscles faster.

It may support the immune health

Intense exercise often suppresses our immune health for a while. Eating antioxidant-rich bananas after a workout can help to restore healthy immune function. Moreover, the other bioactive compounds present in bananas such as biogenic amines, phenolics, and carotenoids can support immune health.

​How to have bananas post-workout

The easiest and convenient way is to have the whole fruit. You can carry it easily in your gym bag and have it after your workout. If not you can have banana smoothie or eat the fruit with your yoghurt. Do not add sugar in your smoothie and always have unsweetened yoghurt to stay healthy.

In conclusion, having protein-rich foods after the workout helps to curb your hunger, refuel you and help in speedy recovery. Banana is a good source of protein and potassium, which make it a preferred post-workout snack. You can also have bananas before your workout session or in between your session for a quick energy boost.

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