Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper possibly rings a bell in your ears due to its popularity but beyond that, its authenticity has ensured that the slogan stick to hearts for ages. Truth be told, health trends come and go, but ‘eat breakfast regularly’ is one piece of advice that’s managed to stand the test of time for an unbreakable purpose.

Countless studies show that a morning meal is the most important meal of any day and partaking in it can help you lose weight, but if that’s not enough to entice you to flip a pancake, at least do it for your heart- Adults who regularly miss breakfast tend to have higher cholesterol, elevated insulin levels, and larger waist circumferences—all risk factors for heart disease.

To continually deny yourself of breakfast is to also continually deny yourself of one of your body’s best immunity boosters as a research from Maadstricht university, Netherlands further reveals the immense boosting power of regular breakfast on IgG antibody, the human body’s immunity soldiers against viral infections. So, if you easily succumb to cold or flu, you may need to check your breakfast.

But not just any morning meal will do. The best breakfast consists mainly of some lean protein and fiber (not heavy carbs), which stabilize your blood sugar without getting you sluggish and keep you feeling satisfied until at least mid-morning, when you should enjoy your first healthy snack of the day.

If you were given a $50,000 post-dated cheque in your name to cash in 3 months time if you successfully commit to eating breakfast regularly for those 3 months, won’t it be a done deal regardless of the excuses (like busy work, no time, lack of food varieties, etc) you presently give?


Dr Osaz (Deji Osasona), a.k.a The Lifestyle Doctor is a Physician & Psychologist turned Life Coach, NLP/CBT therapist, Management consultant, Corporate trainer, Public speaker, Author, & Talk show host. For expert help on effective stress management and resilience building, send a mail drosaz@winbox.com.ng for enquiries on available coaching and therapy bookings or training programs.

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