Arguably the smallest and least important part of the human body, a nail serve a great purpose as a body part. Aside helping to handle objects properly, nails can beautify the body. Always keep your nails clean and fresh because it goes a long way to add beauty.

Artificial nails are common among ladies to add extra beauty to them. A lot of ladies tend to play it safe When it comes to adding artificial nails. Some other sets of people use this as an opportunity to show their creative/artistic side and use it as a medium of expression. Take for example what Cynthia Eviro did in her Oscar appearance. Her nails spoke volumes like the rest of her outfit – (Her tribute to Harriet Tubman)

Nails art is such a thing these days that people come up with their own ideas and even designs. Now is the time to go extra and tone down the monotonous routine colors we usually settle for when fixing nails.

Get creative with these five tips.

  1. Irregular Mix


Break rules and spice up your nails life with shades of colors least expected. It’s possible to use a different color for each nail without sending red flags.

  1. Rocky Nation


Rocks are catchy with all that shimmer and glitter to create an appeasing effect. In this case, let the rock be your nails!

  1. Glow in the Dark


The fun simple looking artwork makes a dramatic statement once the lights go out. You don’t need to be adventurous to try this, just let the dark enhance the magic on your nails.

  1. Ombre Nail


You are on the right track with well blended color mix which seem like a singular tone. Ombre is always a yes when it comes to anything beauty from lipstick to hair and nail colors.

  1. Manual Designs


Switch it up as you like. From inscriptions, doodle to pure creative drawings. Manual nail art designs are a must try. They are unique and firsthand classy!

Ladies, which of these off-the-roof nail art would you dare yourselves to try?

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