Just writing Monday Motivation hashtags will not make you have a good Monday. Often times, the type of Monday you have sets the tone for the rest of your week, so why not make it a good one? Planning is a huge part of accomplishing anything. If you don’t plan your day properly, you might end up not achieving something tangible. Here’s how to plan your day effectively:

  1. Fill In The Week Ahead: On Sunday night (or Monday morning), spend at least one hour planning the upcoming week. The best way to do this is to fill in blocks of time for everything. The more detailed you are, the better. Plan your Work time, Down time, Gym time and everything in between! If you do it right, and include your down time, this schedule gives you more freedom.
  2. Say No To Everything Else: When you plan your day right, you will have to get good at saying no to other things that come up. “No” is a powerful word and you should learn to use it more. This means that when you’re invited to an early breakfast or and afternoon event that was not in your schedule, as tempting as it may be, you should say no. It’s great to be social and having fun, but you have to put limits on this and prioritize your future. However, it is okay to be spontaneous and attend some events with great potentials. Be sure to weigh the pros and the cons plus the possible opportunities.
  3. Convert obstacles into strategies: Whenever you feel stuck or like you’re not sure how to do what you want to do, make a list of obstacles and turn them into strategies. This has proven to work so well and it all begins with your mind. Have a positive mindset.
  4. Don’t embrace indecision: Being indecisive takes so much energy and kills your plans. You’ll basically spin out and waste a so much time. Great decision making is a skill that is totally worth working on. Your critical thinking skills and ability to make quick decisions will set you apart from the crowd.
  5. Give yourself enough time: Make sure that you give yourself the right amount of time for the thing that you need to do. So, even your #1 priority might not need the most time. It just needs enough time. For example, if health is a major priority, you may need to devote 1 hr per day to exercise, meditate or devote some time to eat a hearty breakfast etc.
  6. Evaluate your plans: Having a good plan is great, but you also have to make sure the plan is working. It’s not enough to make a plan, you have to take action and then assess it to see if it’s providing you the results you want.


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