Whether you have full, long, short or natural hair, most women and some men admit that hair wash day can be stressful and traumatizing. What is the solution to make it easier? One of our writers decided to share her personal experience with wash day and how instead of the whole day, you can use only a few minutes to wash your hair and breathe easy whenever you think of wash day. Ready? Here you go…

Whenever I remember I have to wash my hair, I groan in my head and have a serious mental battle. While it is a necessary and very important act to maintaining healthy hair, it’s no fun spending all day washing your hair. At least that’s what I thought until I realized these hacks and I could do it in less time with a few trusted items. 

Here are five important items that will make your wash day fun and easy!

1. Thermal Heat Cap

Hair Wash Day Solutions

The importance of this item cannot be overemphasized. It opens up hair cuticles and allows deep conditioners, oils, and other products to penetrate the strands of your hair more easily. The heat stimulates an increase in blood flow, carrying vital nutrients to the scalp, which leads to an increase in hair growth. This item saves a lot of time, instead of spending 30-45minutes with a shower cap on hair you can cut down on that time with a thermal heat cap.

2. Water-Based Conditioner

Hair Wash Day Solutions

A water-based conditioner is preferable because it penetrates faster into your hair strands. I prefer V05 conditioner because it has a nice slip, extremely lightweight, and moisturizes your hair without weighing it down.

3. Oils

Hair Wash Day Solutions

I prefer using castor oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. I use them to pre-poo, for hot oil treatments and sometimes I mix them in my deep conditioner. Oils stimulate hair growth, combats dry scalp and dandruff, remedy damage, add shine/luster, and nourishes your hair. 

4. Deep Conditioner

Hair Wash Day Solutions

This helps to make your mane soft, shiny, easy to manage and it aids growth. So if your hair is dry or frizzy don’t skip deep conditioning because these products are packed with nutrients and moisture to repair and rejuvenate your hair.

5. Detangling Brush

Hair Wash Day Solutions

While I use my fingers to detangle my hair, I also like using a brush to run through not only to make sure all the knots and tangles are out totally but also to make sure products are evenly distributed.

Hair Wash Day Solutions

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